Friday, November 25, 2011

New-born in the house

I am now a "Maama" to a girl baby. My brother/sister-in-law were blessed with a girl baby recently. The arrival of the baby is some story now...

Sister-in-law is studying MD in Davangere. Meanwhile, we are all here in Bangalore... including the brother-in-law. Parents-in-law shift base to Davangere a couple of weeks before the due date in earnest anticipation. That leaves the brother-in-law, the wife and me back here. We work out and debate all sorts of combinatorial possibilities and  zero-in on the "most likely weekend" for the baby's arrival, book a bus travel and land in Davangere. After spending the weekend watching movies, playing cards, visiting nearby lakes during chilly mornings, dining in a lakeside restaurant, the baby is still cozy inside the mother's womb and we return back arguing as tpo who screwed up with the combinatorial calculation. 

2 days into the new week and still no news from the remote site. Come wednesday evening 7:30pm, we get a call saying that the sister-in-law has been admitted into the hospital for delivery anytime soon. After a frantic 90 minutes of packing, dining, fuel filling, picking up coffee and some snacks for the journey, we set out on my first real long drive in the night.

After 4 hours, having encountered a section of road under repair and taking a detour, feeling anxious that the delay would cost us, stopping twice in pitch dark deserted sections of the highway to sip some comforting hot coffee, 4 toll payments, change of driver mid-way, we land in Davangere at 1:00 am. I was way too sleepy to comprehend the situation. I just waited till the wife told me that it was ok to go sleep for a couple of hours. That was the deepest sleep I've ever experienced, perhaps. After being harshly woken up by the unrepentant alarm at 6:00am (just 4 hours of sleep!), we go to the hospital. Again, I was not fully awake to comprehend what was going on. We hang around till wife tells me its ok to go have breakfast. After a quick trip, a long wait and a quick nibble at the delicious beNNe dose, we get back to the hospital. Shortly thereafter, we see the cute little baby being carried out of the delivery room and we passed it around like a hand ball for a couple of minutes before settling it down on bed beside its mother.

That there was some rough story-telling about the whole saga. Following are some pictures of the new-born.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A chilly morning in Davangere

Last weekend, I was in Davangere with my in-laws and sister-in-law. We had 2 days to spend there. Winter was about to set in and the early mornings and late nights were getting quite chilly. My wife floated the idea of going on the Davangere - Harihara highway early in the morning, where there's a road-side lake offering a very nice view of the sunrise. Decision made, we all woke up at 5:00am and headed out to the spot by car. A quiet 20 minutes drive, brought us to the lake. Walking around a bit, I found a spot to set-up my tripod and camera.
Reading about photography, one would know that the best times for landscape photography is about half-hour before/after sunrise and half-hour before/after sunset. I seldom had a chance to get to a beautiful spot during those times. So, what I discovered on this outing was a revelation. What they say in those photography forums is much beyond true! These times force you to think different and photograph out of your comfort zone. Gone were my belief about "fast shutter speed = good/sharp photos". During these times, especially there are water and cloud elements involved, capturing them at slow shutter speeds gives an altogether different dimension to the way the photo comes out.

So, all-in-all:
a) Early morning photography - check
b) Witness a beautiful sunrise - check