Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What to do with my photos?

I have been into photography as a hobby for close to 2 years now. Up until recently, I have been clicking pictures, sharing them out on facebook/flickr, and that was about it. At the end of 2010, I got an idea from my cousin to create calendars using the pictures I have shot. After spending about a fortnight on designing calendars, I ended up with single page calendar designs, printable at 18' X 12'. I even got some prints done and gave them out to relatives and friends. Here are a few of them:

This was a landscape photo taken at Jungfrau, Switzerland. The crystal clear sky and the white snow, made for a compelling contrast in this image. I had several photos taken while I was there. The need to shortlist one among them was tricky. Most photos I shot were in landscape orientation, and this was the ONLY one I had shot in portrait orientation. Hence, I chose this.
A photo of the Vitthala temple seen through one of the several stone mantaps, in Hampi. This place is a creative breeding ground! Lots of geometry to be explored and experimented with. I was mostly trying to get close to the ground, to click a photo of one of the mantaps on the Hemakoota hill. From one angle, I could see the gopura of the Vitthala temple. Capturing both the mantapa and the temple tower as seen in this picture makes it one of my favorite photos from that trip. Choosing this for a calendar design, was only natural.
This was a small fridge magnet, containing a model of London bridge. Shake it up, and small flakes rise up and gradually float down. I used light from a torch from the left side to create this image. This photo was the result of sheer boredom on a rainy day, left with nothing to do alone at home. A student of my mother had given this fridge magnet and I had not even looked at it properly until I raided the refrigerator to look for something to eat, late in the evening. Once I saw the gradual falling flakes, the idea was born. The hard part, after this, was to get good lighting. To say that I spent close to an hour and clicked about 40 photos suffices to describe my struggle that day. I had to show my hard work in a calendar design.

Last month, when I visited a friend's newly-rented house, I saw that he had used prints of his photos and used them to adorn walls in his room. I borrowed this idea and used simple items like thermocol boards, cardboard, glue and double-sided adhesive rolls. Here is what it looks.  

 I am still looking at new ways to put my photos to other creative uses. One thing I can say for sure. The joy of getting your hands on a large print of your photo is something that one has to experience! :)


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