Tuesday, August 10, 2010


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So I seem to have forgotten that I have a blog. This is an understatement of sorts. I know - sorry. So, this blog post is just to serve as a "Hey, I'm still here and here's what I've been upto" kinda post.

First things first - I got married! Kinda sudden, you think? :) This happened in late june and I think I'm still entitled to be called a "newly wed". And oh yes - 5 of my other friends got married between May and July! 

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Then I went on a vacation to Switzerland for a week. That was one hectic, extremely awesome trip!

Then my new project started to catch up once I got back to office. Now I am in the US on an official trip till mid aug.

In between all this, with such a large value of big-events per unit time, the excitement is constant and on-going. Amidst all this, I can say that this rapid rate of life, while exciting, is not allowing the real feeling of "being married" sink in fully.

I guess I'll come back with more posts in the near future.

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  1. Well, you haven't come back with more posts, atleast not in the near future :)


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