Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fastest DNS service?

I've been running on opendns for quite a while now. Initially when google announced its public DNS, I adopted it and found some quirks with some of my commonly used websites. They would randomly become inaccessible. So, I went back to the trusted opendns. This was almost 4 months ago. I thought its time to do a test of which DNS service is the fastest. (More than anything, I like to shake things up in my computer every now and then :D)

I found this tool on google code - namebench.

I ran the tool with the parameters as seen above and here are the results. I must say I did not expect this kind of a result.

BSNL Broadband 145 IN is 484% Faster than your current primary DNS server

Recommended configuration (fastest + nearest)
Primary Server BSNL Broadband 145 IN
Secondary Server BSNL-2 IN
Tertiary Server BSNL IN

Tested DNS Servers

IP                    Descr                    Avg (ms)
----------------------------------------------------------       BSNL Broadband 145 IN    53.83            BSNL-2 IN                72.90               Google Public DNS-2      140.15         DynGuide                 188.07        Tatanova Mumbai IN       295.73          UltraDNS                 300.96        OpenDNS-2                314.53        OpenDNS                  315.73            BSNL IN                  378.12          SolNet IN                916.23

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