Monday, December 14, 2009

Somanathapura - A Short Trip

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I had made up my mind to get away from the city this weekend. I was thinking of Belur. But my mom suggested Somanahapura which has a similar temple like in Belur and is nearer to Bangalore.

Somanathapura is a small village situated 140KMs from Bangalore. (Route: Bangalore - Maddur - MalavaLLi - Bannur - Somanathapura).
It houses a stone temple with exemplary carvings from the HoysaLa period. The temple is strikingly similar to the one at Belur. The main idol of Channakeshava, being the main deity at this temple. What more, its much less crowded than Belur (except that, I did not see a huge bus packed with kids on a school excursion coming there the very same day! What luck).

I scouted around the place for almost 90 minutes or so. There are so many things pleasant about ancient temples - the calmness, the cold feel of hard stone in the innards of the Garbhagudi. The intricacy of the carvings, the amount of craftwork going into the details of an ornament on a sculpted goddess. The sheer size of the monolithic nature of the gopura (the towers). Managed to get some decent pictures. The weather could have been better. In the december winter, I would bet for blue clear skies. But some darn depression in Bay of Bengal, near Chennai put paid to my hopes :(

The visit to Shivanasamudra after Somanathapura was disappointing, to say the least. Very less water and huge crowds, most of them already half naked coming out of their cars, ready to jump into water!

One of the photos taken at the Somanathapura temple, is seen along with this post.

Oh yeah, I also discovered that driving and caffeine have similar effects on me :D

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