Saturday, November 07, 2009

Weekend shoot [07/11/2009]

Chocolate Cake?
Originally uploaded by Srinivasa S
Went out to take some shots with friends from NCJ days, to Sankey tank. Plan was to catch sunrise and we did catch an oh-so-lovely sun that rose quietly behind a thick cloud cover :| Anyways, managed to take some shots and had to head back when it started to drizzle quite heavily.

Later in the evening, a rather unplanned drive along Kanakapura road took us to a really creepy location and also to the Art of Living ashram. This photo was taken there. I'm patting myself on my back here, for this, is a handheld shot @ ISO 800 :D Used Noiseware CE to get rid of some noise which, unfortunately, led to the loss of all EXIF data on the image.

Also, recovering from a bout of illness. All this roaming around surely wore me out rather quickly.

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