Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend shoot [22/11/2009]

Laalbagh Glass-house
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I was out of ideas this week. Me and my friend Raghu, made last minute plans to visit the KR park in Basavanagudi and Lalbagh. It doubled up as a nice morning walk and a decent photoshoot. For once, I stopped shooting in manual mode all the time. Yet to get a good hang of the camera metering modes. Hope to get fluent with them soon.

Here's one photo of the glass house in Lalbagh.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laksha Deepotsava

Laksha Deepotsava
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Yesterday was the last monday of the Kartika maasa. This is considered an auspicious day for the worship of lord Shiva. Temples usually arrange for people to bring as many oil lamps as possible and light them during the evening. This is called "Laksha Deepotsava".

I thought this would be a good opportunity to get some pictures in dark settings. I went to a temple fairly early - by 6:30pm. People were still gathering and I knew this was going to get busy here real soon, with lot more people pouring in. One disappointing thing was, the temple had bright halogen lamps everywhere! I had not expected this. I wanted to shoot with only the light from the hundreds of lamps around. This was a bit of a dampner. But, I managed to scout a couple of not-so-bright places and take some pictures. You can see one of those with the post here.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Weekend shoot [07/11/2009]

Chocolate Cake?
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Went out to take some shots with friends from NCJ days, to Sankey tank. Plan was to catch sunrise and we did catch an oh-so-lovely sun that rose quietly behind a thick cloud cover :| Anyways, managed to take some shots and had to head back when it started to drizzle quite heavily.

Later in the evening, a rather unplanned drive along Kanakapura road took us to a really creepy location and also to the Art of Living ashram. This photo was taken there. I'm patting myself on my back here, for this, is a handheld shot @ ISO 800 :D Used Noiseware CE to get rid of some noise which, unfortunately, led to the loss of all EXIF data on the image.

Also, recovering from a bout of illness. All this roaming around surely wore me out rather quickly.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hectic weekend

What flower is this?
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Saturday was a day full of hectic roaming around. Had to walk all of the 2.4 KMs to get hold of my new lens - btw, bought the Nikon 55-200mm lens :) Naren chose to drive me around, otherwise, it'd have been even more stress for me :D Anyway, tried a few shots around my home, and I love the lens. Sadly, I could not go any place to shoot. Seen in this post is one of the pictures I took from my neighbour's little garden. I've no idea what this flower is called - anybody knows?

Sunday was mostly spent driving parents around for some functions and a temple visit. Naren had a small accident in the evening - wishing him a speedy recovery.

PS: Till I get back to active writing, you'll mostly see pictures and mundane posts :)