Monday, June 01, 2009

HuthriDurga trek

Huthri Durga
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HuthriDurga is a hillock near Magadi. It is about 80km from Bangalore.

Route: Bangalore -> Magadi -> Continue towards Kunigal (some distance after Magadi, there's a Y fork where you should keep towards right) -> After this right fork, proceed 5 km and then start asking the villagers for HosapaLya at which you have to take a left (this left turn is VERY easy to miss!) -> After the lest, continue for 5 more km to reach a village -> Another left here (this is easy to spot if you remember to look for a really small road that goes in the direction of the visible hillock) -> After the left turn, its 2 km of winding uphill drive to another village/settlement. Park your car someplace and start walking!

We started at 5:20am. Hit the NICE road from the Mysore Road and exit at Magadi road. Magadi road is now beautifully made 2 lane road. It was a pleasure to drive on that road. After Magadi, we got lost a bit and had to ask around and drive up and down the same road twice before we finally got on track and reached the foothills at 7:00AM. Its a small trek - takes about an hour to reach the top. Its steep in bursts and you get a spacious, vegetation less barren stone with a very relaxing breeze that should take away all the tiredness. The view from the top is excellent. There's a temple of Lord Shiva where pooja happens only on Mondays and Fridays. You can still catch a glimpse of the sanctum though. (NOTE - beware of some aggressive monkeys!) Some 50 meters away from the temple is an "Echo point". Its facing the direction opposite to the place where you started the trek. We shouted quite a lot to "test" the echoes. Shouting apart, do make it a point to sit there in total silence. We then sat down in shade to have some cereal bars and plain cake. Started back and reached our parked car by 10:15AM. Reached Bangalore by 1PM.

There goes - another day, another trek. Many more to follow :)


  1. wow, that is a really nice experience... How is the climb, and is it a safe place?

  2. This is one of the easiest climbs. We reached the top within an hour. The climb is rocky and can be a bit dicey if the rocks are wet.

    Did not understand what exactly you mean by 'safe'. We went there and came back alive :)


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