Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shivagange Trek

This is a stony hill near Dobbaspet, Tumkur and is about 60KM from Bangalore. Its an ideal place for a day's trek.

We started at 4:45am from Bangalore. After wading through the really hopeless stretch of NH-4 till Nelamangala, it was a breeze driving on the toll stretch of the highway. We reached the small village at the foot hills at 6am and started climbing at 6:15am. This was a really good time to start climbing, as the sun was still mild and it was cool. We reached hill top by 8am, in spite of taking a lot of breaks for photos, water, refreshments, etc. The last 20% of the climb is the steepest and there are railings for support. Beware, though, as the steps are very narrow and of uneven heights.

Monday, June 01, 2009

HuthriDurga trek

Huthri Durga
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HuthriDurga is a hillock near Magadi. It is about 80km from Bangalore.

Route: Bangalore -> Magadi -> Continue towards Kunigal (some distance after Magadi, there's a Y fork where you should keep towards right) -> After this right fork, proceed 5 km and then start asking the villagers for HosapaLya at which you have to take a left (this left turn is VERY easy to miss!) -> After the lest, continue for 5 more km to reach a village -> Another left here (this is easy to spot if you remember to look for a really small road that goes in the direction of the visible hillock) -> After the left turn, its 2 km of winding uphill drive to another village/settlement. Park your car someplace and start walking!