Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trek - biLikal beTTa

Well, aren't we a crazy bunch of people to try trekking in summer?! We, most certainly, are! The destination was just about 50km from Bangalore. Plan was made such that we would not have to bear the brunt of the harsh sun - leave at 5AM, reach at around 6:30AM (buffer time to enquire around, if we get lost, etc). 5 people - me, Naren, Girish, Vinay (aka Dumma) and Praveen (Girish's friend) set out in 2 cars (to avoid having 5 sweaty people stuffed in one single car on the return leg!). 

The route seemed simple enough on paper
- take Kanakapura road (NH-209) till HarohaLLi and then take left towards MaraLawadi, then right towards OonaaladoDDi. We started at 5:30AM (a bit late) but were able to reach the destination by 6:30AM. We parked the cars near a village home and asked the house people about the car parked there and they said it was ok. Next, we had to get to the foothills - 2 kids were more than eager to help us find the route. From the place where we parked, it was a 1.5km walk to the place where the trek would actually start. We gave 60 rupees to the kids for helping us. They let their dog come with us - they said it would be helpful to find routes in the rough terrain. And helped it did! It stayed with us the entire trek, up and down! We named it "Byra". 

We started trekking at 7AM. Naren stopped, sweating profusely and feeling giddy, 15 minutes into the trek. We stopped for a while and rested with him. He had a fruit bar and some glucose which helped him regain some strength to carry on. From then on, we trekked and reached the hill top after 2 hours, at 9AM. We took a lot of breaks in between as the steep climb and the heat was taking its toll. Having glucose helped a lot! At one point, something like 60% into the ascent, we felt that we would not be able to make it to the top and thought of returning back. But thank god, we continued on! 

There's a small Rangaswamy temple atop the hill. But it was closed. We just found some place under a tree to sit, rest and have breakfast - cereal bars, fruit bars, cake and biscuits. Then we found an excellent viewpoint overlooking the vast rugged terrain. We sat there, enjoying the absolute silence, only disrupted by the howling winds and bird chirps - now that's a relaxing experience after a hard trek! 

One strange thing atop the hill was, even though we were well within Karnataka border, our cell phones were getting signals from TN! We were on roaming within our own state! Now, that's something to complain about! 

We started descent at 10:30AM. The descent was definitely more easier than the ascent. We took far lesser breaks than we did during ascent. But the harsh sun nearing noon was sapping our energy very rapidly. Thankfully we carried plenty of water. We reached the foot of the hill at 11:30AM and started back, reaching home by 1PM. 

That was a neat small trek - positives being the short distance from Bangalore, the not-so-difficult ascent (well, we did find it hard at times, but I am sure it was the weather!). It would have helped it we had started an hour earlier - we may have caught the sunrise from the hill top :) 

TBD: Photos link 

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  1. vodafone naayi thara byra aka rama wherever you go, i shall follow antha bandiddu... super maja kodthu. also, elephant stories!

    you shud probably correct the directions to the place. there is no oonaaladoddi. from maralawadi, just devarahalli antha kelkond hodre aythu. there is another place that sounds very similar to oonaladoddi but doesnt lead u till the betta.


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