Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hosa padaarthagaLu (New stuff)

After my south India trip, my interest in photography was renewed and since then I'd been thinking about buying a good camera - no, not the ones which have insane megapixel number and an atrocious optical zoom number - what was on my mind was a DSLR.  

After consulting with photo-geek friends, doing quite an amount of research myself, I went ahead and bought a Nikon D40. I'm sure there will be some photography buffs out there who would not think that this was the best camera - but I like it and I love the pictures it produces! There's still a lot to learn, lot to experiment and lot of photos to click. 

Wishing for an enjoyable time doing all of the above :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walk through the garden...

A weekend when parents are out of town leads to me diving head on into over indulgence, which in turn leads to me getting a fever on the morning of monday. On arrival of parents, I try to receive the "I told you so!" narrations as gracefully as I can and start working from home. It turns out to be a calm day at office and I manage to finish up by 5 in the evening. Feeling much better than in the morning, I set out for a walk. I could call this walk a peek into the past, almost like a time travel. 

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Trip Log

Clarification - this is not a log! 

Ah the trip - a week long vacation - covering Alleppey, Kovalam, Kanyakumari and Pondicherry. The whole trip can be summarized in one line - "Living on India's edge" (courtesy Murali). 

The warm sand, the vast stretches of bluish green waters, the dripping heat, beach football sessions, experiments with my old DSC-P73 4MP camera, pebbles of wisdom from swami PerumaLaananda, walking long stretches on a really hot day in Pondicherry on empty stomach only to find the most wonderful Poori Masala and Pongal I've ever eaten, experiencing the greatest relief on a Chennai footpath, debates with Mr. Counter Strike - this trip had it all. In one word it was "paramaananda" :D 

Here are some experiments with Girish's camera and my old camera