Sunday, February 08, 2009

Scary incident

This happened on saturday, while I was on my way to office (Yes, nowadays I work on weekends too sometimes! Sad). I was driving my car and had stopped at the Kormangala sony world junction (Just before the Oasis mall). The traffic waiting at the signal had backed up quite a bit and I was towards the very end of this pile. It was exactly noon. I usually switch off the engine at longish signals and this was one of those. While waiting at this signal, I noticed 3 different people lurking around the waiting cars suspiciously - they definitely seemed to stand out of the normal crowd as they were just making repeated rounds around the cars, eyeing the cars from the corner of their eyes, etc. I don't know if anyone else in the crowd observer this too.

When the signal became green, and just as I started to move, one of those guys came from the left side and started banging on the passenger side window - all the doors were locked and windows were up - he was motioning to the effect that I had run over his feet! I was sure that I did not run over anything and suspected a scam as I had seen this guy acting suspiciously just moments ago. Within no time, the rest of the 2 guys also surrounded my car - one guy in front of my car, not allowing me to move ahead and one from the driver side door. All of them were motioning violentely that I should stop the car and open the door. The guys at the 2 sides were even trying to open the respective doors from the outside!

Luckily, my brains were working enough to tell me not to budge and stay inside - by this time the cars behind me started to honk loudly as my car was holding up the traffic - since this was quite some way away from the traffic signal, the traffic cops had no visibility of all this. I too started to honk loudly and eventually after sometime, they decided to give up and scamper.

I reported this incident to the police just so that someone else does not fall prey to such atrocious acts in broad daylight! I don't know if they indeed took some action to try and find those people, but I did my part by reporting it.

So guys, please - always lock your car doors even when you switch off your car at traffic signals.

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