Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pain in the ....!

This was my first winter at Bangalore after 3 years. Strange? Even more strange is that this had not really occurred to me till now! From 2005 to 2007, my abroad trips have exactly fallen during winter time! And these were the more severe of the winters I've ever had - Boise and Sunnyvale definitely beat Bangalore in the low-temperature contest, hands down! But somehow I did not feel any different this time around too - why?

Perhaps the reason lies in the lots of common things that usually happen to me during winter time. Of those lots of common things, there is one particular thing that haunts me the most - something that keeps me down for 7-10 days at a stretch, something that makes me think about all those wrong things I've done in my life, makes me wonder if I'm being punished for those sins, me realize how frail this little embodiment of our earthly soul really is! NECK SPRAIN!!

Yes, that's right - somehow, I've managed to get a bad neck sprain during winter, 4 years in a row! Is this a record of some sort?! Now I recollect all those past incidents leading up to this.
  1. Ouch - that heavy snowball - I never saw that coming from my left!
  2. Should not have tried a head-stand in the freezing weather, alone!
  3. Should have learnt by now that mobility of neck is proportional to the temperature!
  4. Some verbally sophisticated dude once said that there's nothing coincidental, only consequential. I'd agree in most cases, but this time, I'd say "Never trust amateurs, especially in a gym!"
One of the effects of the sprain, the head being tilted right sideways, sometimes, can offer a different perspective towards life - one can now see an angle not seen often. Also, there was an enhanced sense of intuitiveness during this time - I think it was the extra blood that would now circulate through my right brain! There may not be any substantiation for this - but my instinct tells me I'm right.

So, you see, its not that bad afterall - you get all the attention at home, get to slack off at home during working days even though you are "working from home" + you get time to study more important things like the good effects of green tea, lateralization of brain functions, etc while "working from home".

Boy, I cannot wait till the next winter!


  1. Anonymous10:46 am IST

    Chill madi!!!
    Hope you feel better soon :)

  2. "....sometimes, can offer a different perspective towards life....."

    especially while watching TV one presumes???? :P


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