Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Comfortably High

Something I learnt yesterday - Listening to High Hopes and Comfortably Numb back to back is a bad idea especially if some part of your past is not rosy...

In retrospect, the title for this post would have been apt for the previous post - oh well...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What gave me a high...

When I'd been down for almost a week due to illness, spending time at home all those days with highly intermittent power supply, thanks to "maintenance" work by the local electricity company...
Get this - today, with a steady powersupply (thankfully), I was able to download close to 2 gig of data in under 4 hours via torrents! Wow! Also, what cool stuff to download -
Bootleg of Iron Maiden's "download festival" gig at Ullevi, Sweden - Highly recommended for Maiden fans!
Kerrang mag's "Maiden Heaven" - A tribute album featuring bands like Metallica and Machine Head.
Killers freed or the demon's seed - uh... "seed", "torrents" - its a joke, for chrissake!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Local Surveillance - a first cut

I found an old webcam I had used years ago, underneath a lot of rubble in my storage room. I came up with this deadly idea of putting it to use - SURVEILLANCE.

Using this old webcam and a free software, I setup surveillance with image-capture-on-motion-detection for my cube at office as a first trial. Here are some sample captures from that trial. Mostly just people walking by my cube.

Next I'm thinking of leaving this on overnight - want to find out who does away with paper-napkins from my desk!

Going further, I see there are cheap "night-vision" webcams available in the market. And a friend of mine is thinking of building a real low-cost, low-power-consuming PC. Perhaps setup a custom-made, home surveillance system?

Who knows :)