Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Need for speed!

My old PC, bought in early 2000, is almost antique - Intel's the-then flagship Pentium-III processor running (crawling now) at 500MHz, originally purchased with 64MB of SDRAM, 10GB ATA Hard disk, and a CD-ROM drive. It served me for a good part of my engineering course. All my lab assignments and projects done on that and they all came out pretty well too. Along the way, I did quite a few upgrades to it so as to keep up with the growing needs (read PC games!). With all these, now it has 256MB of SDRAM, a 40GB ATA Hard disk and a CD-RW drive.
In the first sentence of this post, I say "almost" because my friend SP still is leading the race of having the most ancient PC! Would you believe that he has a Pentium-II processor 233MHz with 64MB of RAM (2 sticks of 32MB each!!) and a 4GB Hard disk?!
Then I have this laptop I bought 3 years ago. It's running fine - no issues, reliable to run most of the applications I usually need. But lately, there's no fun in it. Somehow, I felt like going back to a desktop in spite of the conviniences like mobility, no worries of power cuts, etc that my laptop offered. I want to put the emperimental hat back on, try out more with my computer. Somehow, IMO, laptop is too cute for all these brash expriments!
So, thus, I've set out to buy myself a new desktop PC. After reading a lot of things online and talking to my friends, I've kinda settled on the following configuration:
AMD Phenom X4 9850, Black edition - Quad core, 2.5GHz
NVIDIA 9600GT graphics card with 512MB memory
500GB SATA II drive (Actually wanted 2 250GB drives, to configure a RAID volume - but my friends "talked" me out of it)
DVD-RW 20X SATA drive
Wireless keyboard and mouse

Initial investigation has put the approximate price for the above configuration to somewhere near 44k. Anyone has any comments/suggestions for any changes in the above config or know any good, knowledgeable, helpful dealer?

Oh, did I mention that my old PC cost me 36k at that time? :)


  1. 44k! Man!

    Hey, why not get a holographic projector while u r at it? :P

  2. yes!!! a projector and a kickass sound system makes it a home theatre too.

    u r also getting a TFT monitor right???

  3. While at it, how about a docking station as well?


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