Friday, February 29, 2008

When does one realize that...

... he likes something so much, something in great proportions... When he has spent close to 200 on it (DVDs, CDs, Shirts, etc) When he can bear it continuously for a long long time and that's still not faded (Started in 2003) When he can put a colleague to so much trouble and make the colleague stand in a queue to get him one of the first sold copies of the newly released DVD...

That someone is me and that something is this great great heavy metal band called "Iron Maiden" - who have been making music since 1976, much before I came into this world and are going strong even now - even with all the band members well into their fifties...

They would definitely be in my list of 500 things, for which I'd thank God for creating this world :)

Just because something works...

... need not mean its correct ...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


1. Pointless code: Anyone sees any value for this kind of code?!
class A;
class B;
int A::func()
return BObj->get( get() );
// ...
int B::get( int a )
return a;
2. A note on a fallen side board of a meeting room: