Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chosen one - Seperation

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Whatever was going on caught the lecturer's attention. "What's the hungama there? Settle down girls", she barked. The girls piped down but all of them were content with this time's chosen one. She had a good track record. Almost simultaneously, everyone slipped into a flash back (in black and white) when the last time the same girl was chosen.
Meanwhile, one of the members from the opposite sex had been noticing all this - he knew all their reactions, all their thoughts, all their intentions all too well.
Once the lecturer walked out of the class, the girls start to gather around the chosen one - questions are shot at AK47 round speed at her.
"What would it be this time?"
"Are you taking speciality preferences?"
"Will you keep up your track record?"
She silently listened to all the questions pouring down like mungaaru maLe. Suddenly she put her left hand up - like Sonia Gandhi. And then there was silence. An all consuming silence.
"All your wildest dreams might just come true tomorrow", she replied. Hearing this the girls went crazy - some of the goonda girls also started tapori whistling.
At this moment the HOD walks in and picks out 5 girls who she thought were causing enough racket, that she decided to throw them out of the class. The chosen one happened to be one among those 5. The rest of the girls have one question in mind...
"Will it still be as good as last time?"
The guy watching all this had a wry smile on his face.
... to be concluded


  1. You're back Sheeni!

    I'm tellin u, u're back! :)

  2. Anonymous9:36 am IST

    next.. episodes fastagi barbekappa..

  3. Does this remind you guys of Prison Break?! Well, obviously not! But I could'nt stop myself from asking that anyway :D

  4. Yen high hopesu yen kathe?!

    But I'm pretty sure if u wrote prison break, u wouldn't kill of sarah :(

    Lets take this opportunity and space to mourn Dr Sarah Tancredi...

    :head bent

  5. Murali here has taken Sarah's death to heart a bit too much... But yeah man - may her soul rest in peace

  6. awaiting the conclusion ...


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