Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chosen one - (S)Election

As a hand went into the bowl containing chits having names of individuals, all of the 32 eyes of 16 female contestants opened up wide with expectation, their rates of heartbeat soared up. Starry eyed, they all hoped for the ultimate. Winning would give one of them an opportunity to prove herself as "the best" and probably win a second term by choice rather than selection.

C1 - "Who could it be this time?"

C2 (swallowing a piece of watermelon) - "No idea. I just hope its not the same as last time. It was not that good, was it?"

C3 - "I know, there should be variety from whoever wins this time!"

C1 - "Shhhh... here's the announcement of the chosen one..."

Everyone's heart skipped a beat.... "And this time's chosen one is..." ... It seemed as if years rolled by as the words came out... "Miss ########".

The chosen one went into raptures, sky was the limit. No one could stop her from her celebrations. She seemed to have forgotten that she was in a classroom...

... To be continued ...
* C1, C2, C3 - Contestants
* Names omitted
* This piece of writing is part fiction, part true happenings