Friday, March 02, 2007

Maiden are coming!!

Okay, I am late in posting this... So what?! Iron Maiden are coming to Bangalore... March 17th is the day! I finished uploading some Maiden samplers onto the already out-of-beta Blogamp. You should be hearing songs as this page loads...

Let me take this opportunity to say that IM India community on Orkut is one of the best communities I've seen! Rock on guys - hope to see some of the Maiden-heads at the concert!


  1. which means u've got ur ticket

    have a nice time

  2. i decide to do some blog reading when I'm totally wasted 'n sleepy headed as never before..?? what do i get?

    I get a loud blast of IM ...good going dude.. Enjoy at the concert.

  3. Murali - Almost. My inside man informed me that I should be getting tickets soon. Ze case is almost cloeaused :D

    Sanjiv - Okay, now I've mellowed down the beginning of the blast by a bit :D

  4. Anonymous8:28 am IST

    Hey I have my Ticket :).. yaay :)
    Hope u have got the tickets too.. its 13th already!

    I can't wait for saturday :)


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