Saturday, November 11, 2006


I could choose between 100 pointless e-mails per day or 15 relavant mails per day. I chose the latter... Thanks to the "No-email" option in most web groups, there's peace now...

Never copy-paste similar code... you'll replicate similar bugs...

Almost every english term has a relative meaning... make sure you know the meaning in the right context before assuming anything...

Nobody does anything for free... everything comes at a price... No matter how much you'd like to think otherwise...

If you want to stay warm in cold weather, try to get a fever...


  1. Anonymous7:38 pm IST

    Could not help but notice that your posts have been becoming more and more dry, of late. Wonder why?

  2. Anonymous1:59 pm IST

    Yeah i agree.
    What is bothering ya ?

  3. Anonymous1:49 pm IST

    Parfection... (perfect agide antha post alli iro wisdoms :D )
    take care

  4. Anonymous10:50 am IST

    Take care buddy.

  5. Anonymous5:33 pm IST

    none of my business but, ee thara gothilderavrella hengengo comment bitre uriyalva?

  6. Anonymous7:31 pm IST

    WOW! So many well wishers :)

    Girz - Well, this new template... I don't know how to disable anonymous comments in this one... 'Cos even if I change settings in blogger, this template does not support those... Notice how it does not take any blogger user id and password...
    Also, most of these people leave me a note saying it was them who left a comment... so, I've not bothered to get down to make blogger sign in work in this template... :)

    But yeah, it would be nice to leave names while commenting...

  7. Anonymous9:43 pm IST

    Hmm. hadnt checked ur blog till now :D take care... amel mathadthini :)

  8. Anonymous11:38 am IST

    'No-email' hmmm
    let me know if you found such an option for work-emails at your job!


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