Monday, November 20, 2006

Fools' paradise

Ok, not exactly fools... but goofy, I could say :-)


In the middle of a routinely goofy conversation comes a slightly more goofy piece of passage...

P1 - I have news for you guys
P2 - Let me guess... are you getting married?!
P1 - Nope... the next thing...
P2 - Then, are you getting engaged?!

The next thing to marriage?! And engagement in the next thing after marriage?! LOL

It turned out that P1 was neither getting engaged/married afterall... :))


  1. Anonymous10:06 am IST

    P1 and P2 ... sounds like registers in 8086!

  2. Anonymous7:41 pm IST

    Classic non-listner.

    Sounds like P1, P2 would be more like guys than gals.

  3. Anonymous3:37 pm IST

    Gautam was P1 and I was P2 !! Bugger.. making a blog entry out of our conversation huh !! :D


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