Tuesday, October 24, 2006


... is sometimes like cache memory with a really bad page replacement algorithm...


  1. Anonymous9:11 am IST

    Excellent !

  2. Anonymous11:06 am IST

    You really should change the comments link u have on ur blog...When I point to it, it says "1comments comment" or something like that....

  3. Anonymous1:42 pm IST

    Chaos - :)

    Murali - I had differential behavior in IE and firefox. IE used to show "# Comments" properly. Firefox also used to display this properly. However on a link hover, it used to display "# Commentscomments" - Never found the reason for it. However, I just fixed it... :)

  4. Anonymous10:38 pm IST

    Hmmm... then were according to ur logic is the main storage?!? spinal cord? :P
    So, what did u find hard to remember?!?!? remember me???

  5. Anonymous8:45 am IST

    Problem is not so much about forgetting things than remembering things... Its like brain sometimes goes on using MRU page replacement strategy :D

  6. Anonymous11:56 am IST

    cute line.rather than MRU its selective replacement algo i feel :)

  7. Anonymous11:57 am IST

    Selection alright - but whose?

  8. Anonymous10:45 am IST

    unfortunately my brain cache was manufactured back in 80's when even a cache in Kb's was way too expensive.. still trying to do with bytes rather than kb's :)..

    no wonder I'm having so many misses on you know what :)

  9. Anonymous2:00 am IST

    I was trying to recall the song I once had and played on windows media player( which i had heard daily for 1 year till i had accidentally deleted it some months back ). It was completely erased from my memory (song name, lyrics, tune, singer ... everything). Maybe its the work load of 14 hrs/day, i don't know.

    What the heck!? I heard it for 1 yr on the trot, daily the first thing i went home!! It thought it should have got into my blood for good!

    But no ... for agonizing 1 month, i tried to recall. Found it yesterday when i was browsing ipod of a friend and **voila** I found it and **bang** I remembered it!!!

    You tell me what "cache" memory this is and which clumsy page replace algo once can have.


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