Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What do you do...

... When you reach Forum to catch a movie on a monday morning and you can't get tickets 'cos they're sold out? You curse all bad words from your repertoire... OK... and then...
Landmark is always a timepass place... Look what I found...


  1. Anonymous5:43 pm IST

    muchkond office ge hogbekittu! :P :D

  2. Anonymous1:37 pm IST

    So, you didn't watch Aishwarya then.. Too bad.
    But it surprises me that you didn't get ticket on a Monday afternoon (I thought most people wouldn't bunk the first day of the week!).

  3. Anonymous1:47 pm IST

    So, you couldn't watch Aishwarya? Too bad.

    It's surprising that you didn't get tickets for a monday afternoon show, that too for a kannada movie! (I thought most people wouldn't bunk the first day of the week!)

  4. Anonymous2:19 pm IST

    You woulda been a lot less sore if you hadn't told the whole world of your Aiswarya plans. Now, when can i have the cd? haw haw!

  5. Anonymous12:15 am IST

    Thank god you found the CD.. or else nan kahte mugithithu!! and btw what abt the debacle after coming out of LandMark... how was the movie ;) :D :P

  6. Anonymous9:56 pm IST

    Murali - Maga, I needed some time off work... I had been working too hard ;-)

    VV - Thoo, in mele PVR ge hogbardu!!

    Manu - Maga, WONDERFUL aquisition lo. I loved it! You can hve it whenever you can make some time out of your busy schedule...

    Naren - Lets not talk about that crap!

  7. Anonymous7:37 pm IST

    Hey... did u change ur feeds or what?

  8. Anonymous3:12 pm IST

    Sanjiv - No da. I never changed the feed. Here's the one: http://thisismetallica.blogspot.com/atom.xml

  9. Anonymous12:05 pm IST

    I watched VH1 after nearly 4 months today :)

  10. Anonymous11:41 am IST

    Aishwarya??? ho ho ho
    whatever happened to reading reviews before watching movies?


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