Monday, August 28, 2006

Law of conservation...

...of happiness, stating: Happiness can neither be created nor destroyed. The total amount of happiness in this world, is a constant.

Sending stuff like this as an SMS is bound to generate some interesting comments: I'd like to quote 2 such replies...

1) The amount of happiness is not a constant but a constantly decreasing entity.... Something like fossil fuels - non-renewable and depleting... soon!

2) Depends on the situation. Under happier circumstances, it would appear that the amount of happiness is increasing every second!

Hmm... interesting...


  1. Anonymous10:45 pm IST

    The title of this post itself is interesting!
    Law of conservation ????

    Happiness like sand...The more u try to grasp it, the more it trickles outta ur hands...

  2. Anonymous5:22 pm IST seeing life beyond imperfections.

  3. Anonymous10:03 pm IST

    good 1s.. i hadn't listened to these before.. BWT waiting for "Kepping my blog alive entry" ;).... got busy huh? I am one of those who look forward to that entry, cause i'm sure i will like them ;)

  4. Anonymous11:46 pm IST

    Happiness is always out there, its us who gotta find it out.. btw no use going out to look for it.. have to find it in ourselves :) as always, its easier said than done :D

  5. Anonymous10:19 am IST

    Most of you seem to have misunderstood... I am talking about happiness in the whole world, and not about individual happiness...

    Swetha - Not busy... yeah - I cant stay away from those kinda posts for long. You should be able to find one soon :)

  6. Anonymous12:30 pm IST

    Law of conservation of happiness, if true, would it mean this?

    For one to be more happy, some poor bloke has to be less happy?

  7. Anonymous9:44 am IST

    Ya even I agree with the last comment. How can one's happiness be at stake if someone else is happy. You mean at all times, in some part of the world there are people suffering. And they are sad because happiness is with someone else in some other part of the world. Its sad if the law of conservation of happiness is really true ;)

  8. Anonymous1:33 pm IST

    Prashant, Pratibha - What I posted, is just my opinion. It may be true, it may be false. One is happy that he/she got something he/she wanted. Someone else might have wanted the same thing and not got it, so he/she is unhappy. Sometimes, one is happy for no apparent reason. There are also times when one is sad for no apparent reason. So, I guess it all evens out in the entire scheme of things in this world... Its not that one needs to be sad for someone else to be happy... but the other way around. Its not the cause, but it might be like (after)effect.

  9. Anonymous3:37 am IST

    Hmm... interesting... [;)]


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