Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Evolver - Excerpt from Megadeth's Youthanasia recording

Evolver - Excerpt from Megadeth's Youthanasia recording

"Look at the color of this guitar - you could drink coffee off it"

~ Marty Friedman

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mug wars

Everyone at work seems to have a custom mug for coffee/tea. Something other than the usual HP provided mug. So, I decided to follow the goats and bought myself a custom mug too... not just any mug... This one's from and its called "Object Disoriented".

PS: Thanks to Naren for acting as carrier

Monday, July 17, 2006

Needles and pins

Since I was on the topic of drugs on the previous post, I thought I'll post the snip of this 1963 song as well. Trying to keep a dying blog from... well... dying!

I saw her today, I saw her face
It was a face I loved and I knew

I had to run away and get down on my knees and pray

That they'd go away

But still it begins

Needles and pins

Because of all my pride

The tears I gotta hide

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Use the man

June 26th is anti-drugs day worldwide. I'm a bit late on this, but no, I was not doped! So, this is a song about the ill effects of drugs. Its called "Use the man" from the album "Cryptic Writings" by Megadeth. Dave Mustaine says that he's "Seen the needle use the man".

I heard somebody fixed today
There was no last goodbyes to say
His will to live ran out
I heard somebody turned to dust

Looking back at what he left
A list of plans and photographs
Songs that never will be sung
These are the things he won't get done

I've seen the man use the needle,
Seen the needle Use the Man
I've seen them crawl from the cradle
To the coffin on their hands
They fight a war but it's fatal,
It's so hard to understand
I've seen the man use the needle,
Seen the needle Use the Man

Just one shot to say goodbye
One last taste to mourn and cry
Scores and shoots, the lights go dim
Just one shot to do him in

He hangs his head and wonders why
Why the monkey only lies
But pay the pauper, he did choose
He hung his head inside the noose

Cryptic writings on the wall,
The beginning of the end
I've seen myself use the needle,
Seen the needle in my hand