Saturday, June 24, 2006

Whiff of freshness

Expectant, excited, happy, extremely happy... :-)

Some freshness in life after a long time - feels good... Don't want to think whether it'll last or not. Whatever the future might hold, I want to enjoy this phase...


  1. Anonymous9:23 am IST

    Again! You don't know?! What do you know?! :D You seem so blank all the time... brighten up. Bring out the kid in you that used to be so bright and chirpy and mischevious in school :)

  2. Anonymous10:14 am IST

    Check out my latest post if you have any/some time.. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous9:28 am IST

    Hmm.. good going.. live the moment :)

  4. Anonymous12:41 pm IST

    The reason for "Whiff of freshness" in your life is.....

  5. Anonymous9:02 am IST

    S - Ignorance is bliss alva?! :P

    Naren - Live live (different prononciations)

    Swetha - No single particular reason... more than anything else, its just a good state of mind :)

  6. Anonymous10:14 am IST

    Good state of mind!! Hmm.. Details please! And if possible, then a long enough blog; this one finished by the time I started making sense of it. :D

  7. Anonymous2:35 pm IST

    Thats the most wonderful thing - to be extremely happy... It doesn't happen often :) ...glad for you.

  8. Anonymous5:31 pm IST

    Getting married ;)

  9. Anonymous12:09 am IST

    smelling the roses, eh?

  10. Anonymous8:35 am IST

    It's that time of the year dude, made even better by the world cup!

  11. Anonymous11:09 am IST

    Keshav - Its a new style of writing man! Short and as obscure as possible :D

    Swetha - Thanks :)

    Vinayaka - Man, I did not know you read my blog :) - getting married?! Look, I'm happy... not MAD!!

    Prashanth - The only thing I smell in Bangalore these days is pollution! :D

    Chaos - World cup is definitely on the list of items that make me happy/excited :)


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