Thursday, June 15, 2006

The loud n long honk

It was 7-45 in the morning and I'm waiting for green at a signal, on my bike. This was when I got [subject title]. I turn back to see what it was and the first thing that met my eye was the huge bumper. It was a BMTC bus. And the driver is mouthing the choicest of expletives - Why?! I've stopped in front of the bus in an empty road (Ok, this was what he said). I did not bother to open my mouth and silently pointed him to the red signal light. He was still shouting away to glory. I saw a policeman at the post. Sheesh - public vehicles violate traffic rules (even in presence of traffic police), no surprise people do that as well. I parked my bike in the middle of the road, still in front of the bus and went to the policeman and gave him a piece of my mind. After a lenghty debate, he seemed to agree with me and also had a stern word with the bus driver.

Its small things like this that can help make Bangalore a better place. Also, I'm keeping up my rep of being a strict follower of traffic rules.


  1. Tell me you had a smile on your face all the time....

    Cos the feeling of being right and true to yourself, is an unbeatable one....

  2. Tell me about it yappa. well i wouldn't entirely say i follow em completely considering ripping on an RX definitely will strip most of em. but atleast at the traffice halt.

  3. Bravo :) Good job :D Bus number nodkondya?!?! nim mane kade barbuodu sadya ;)

  4. Am seeing a lot of our folks standing up and giving others a piece of their mind...(in the workplace as well)...


    btw did ya see the gerrard strike.. absolute beauty

  5. Murali - You bet man! Its about time...

    Life?? - Thanks

    Petrax - Inna RX agatta?! Ond thara - petrol Rs.55.15 per liter. You need more smiles per hour :P

    Naren - Bus number nodi naanu yenu madli?! Its all about awareness man!

    Chaos - Yes, shout out! Oh ya Gerrard is GOD! But England were still not convincing!

  6. Lo dabba.. awareness gotho... nan heliddu, bus number note madkobekittu, yake andre aa driver ninna sadya hudukkond barthane antha :P yappa! ella explaing madbeku!!!
    and Eng bagge... Gerrard goal was too cool.. but it was like they needed some 5 practice shots each to get it targetted on goal :P

  7. Srini
    Good going...
    believe it or not, I was searching for an answer recently to the question (due to circumstances beyond this discussion) 'What kind of difference can we make BEING in India? Why not I continue staying and working here in the US?' Your blog proves back to me, that BEING in india makes you available and willing to make a difference.

  8. Good Going Srini... :)

  9. Madhu - You said it Madhu... :)

    Arathis - Thanks :)

  10. Honking for cms of space is a daily routine ...... was fodder for a couple of my posts. Frens were not amused though. :(
    Its like "Fear Factor" scenario .... stopping in front of a bus whose driver is rearing to go................worse if the vehicle is a lorry.

    I can really go on and on ........... :o

  11. hu lo !! keLbeDa ..... mileage woes!!
    GSS: ah allamma park al yen nimmappa amma kootidar ? uhah hahahah


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