Monday, May 01, 2006

Take the time

Just let me catch my breath...
I've heard the promises
I've seen the mistakes
I've had my fair share of tough breaks
I need a new voice, a new law, a new way
Take the time, reevaluate
It's time to pick up the pieces,
Go back to square one
I think it's time for a change

There is something that I feel
To be something that is real
I feel the heat within my mind
And craft new changes with my eyes
Giving freely wandering promises
A place with decisions I'll fashion
I won't waste another breath

You can feel the waves coming on
(It's time to take the time)
Let them destroy you or carry you on
(It's time to take the time)
You're fighting the weight of the world
But no one can save you this time
Close your eyes
You can find all you need in your mind

The unbroken spirit
Obscured and disquiet
Finds clearness this trial demands
And at the end of this day sighs an anxious relief
For the fortune lies still in his hands

If there's a pensive fear, a wasted year
A man must learn to cope
If his obsession's real,
Suppression that he feels must turn to hope

Life is no more assuring than love
(It's time to take the time)
There are no answers from voices above
(It's time to take the time)
You're fighting the weight of the world
And no one can save you this time
Close your eyes
You can find all that you need in your mind

I close my eyes
And feel the water rise around me
Drown the beat of time
Let my senses fall away
I can see much clearer now, I'm blind

"Adesso che ho perso la vista,ci vedo meglio e di piu"

Find all you need in your mind
If you take the time

~ Dream Theater


  1. Anonymous2:01 pm IST

    Nice lyrics... have fun :)

  2. Anonymous8:40 pm IST

    Maga, which template is this? Nangu beku ee thara !

  3. Anonymous8:44 pm IST

    sikthu bidu !! :D

  4. Anonymous8:58 am IST

    Wow...excellent new look man.. 'n you back to writing songs(or quoting lyrics)
    ;) har har

    have fun man....pardesi ban gaya kya?

  5. Anonymous11:44 am IST

    Sanjiv - Pardesi nahi - I'm back in Bangalore now... :)

  6. Anonymous12:17 am IST

    Modern Art :)
    Bagalore ge yaavaga hode?

  7. Anonymous9:09 am IST

    Arathi - Well, I left Boise on 24th Apr and went to New York City. Spent 3 days there and left on 27th Apr. Reached Bangalore on 29th Apr :)

  8. Anonymous2:30 pm IST

    Nice lyrics.....:-)
    Welcome back !!!

  9. Anonymous9:03 am IST

    M for Manu?? You know, it'd REALLY help if you could leave your name... Thanks anyway.

  10. Anonymous2:05 pm IST

    M for Mathu,a regular reader.


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