Saturday, April 01, 2006

Weekend trip plans!

Monday - 27th March:
An idea sparks up to make a trip to San Francisco. One of my friend's friend stays in Davis and San Francisco is a 2 hour drive from Davis. Hectic brainstorming and planning sessions start...

Tuesday - 28th March:
A tentative plan is ready. Friend's friend is ready to let 3 of us stay in his apartment for a day. So, accomudation is not a worry. Excited by this news, the places to be visited begin to be listed down...

Wednesday - 29th March:
Plan is taking good shape. Accomudation is taken care of. Places to be visited and timelines are ready and agreed upon. The plan was quite simple. Leave Boise on friday evening around 4pm. Drive till Reno, Nevada and stay there in a hotel overnight. Get up in the morning and drive for 2 hours from Reno to reach Davis, California. We would meet our field agent there and proceed to San Francisco...

Thursday - 30th March, 9AM (1 day, 7 hours to the start of trip)
Final touches to the plan. Reserved a Marriott hotel for a day in Reno, Nevada for a day using our pool of Marriott reward points. Field agent notified about the rendezvous details. Everything is set and good to go...

Thursday - 30th March, 11AM (1 day, 5 hours to start of trip)
We start informing people in office about our trip...
"We're driving to SFO over the weekend"
"Swwwweeeeet! Lotsa cool places there, eh?!"
"Yep! We can't wait till tomorrow!"
"Oh, btw - this may not be real important at this time of the year. But just check the weather and road restrictions in California..."
"Ah! Okay... its Spring time! Everything should be perfect for a drive..."

Thursday - 30th March, 12:30PM (1 day, 3.5 hours to start of trip)
As fate would have it, its raining badly in California and the state has restrictions on vehicles entering into the state. All vehicles must have traction tyres or chained axles to preceed! Shoot, our vehicles don't have traction tyres and we're not supposed to attach chains to the axles as it would be a violation of the rental agreement with the car rental agency. 3 days of planning seemed to be going down the drain... U N L E S S ...

Thursday - 30th March, 1:30PM (1 day, 2.5 hours to start of trip)
"Why not go to Seattle instead of SFO?!"
"Yeah, I've heard that Seattle is a great place too..."
"Alright guys, we have a Plan-B now! Let's move it!"

Thursday - 30th March, 4PM (22 hours to start of trip - revised schedule)
Amazingly quick planning. Leave Boise at 2pm, friday afternoon and drive to Seattle straight through. Reach Seattle at 10pm and spend the night in a hotel room. Roam around Seattle on saturday and spend the saturday night in Seattle as well. Leave Seattle on sunday after lunch and get back to Boise on sunday by 9pm.
"Check the weather in the state of Washington now. We don't want to repeat the same mistake again!"
"You got it!"

Thursday - 30th March, 7PM (19 hours to start of trip)
"Weather's ok. Its raining a bit but there are no vehicle restrictions in Washington."
"Great. I'll book a hotel room in Seattle"
"We'll shop for a few stuff tomorrow morning"

Friday - 31st March, 9AM (5 hours to start of trip)
"Rooms booked, all necessary stuff ready"

Friday - 31st March, 10:30AM (3.5 hours to start of trip)
We start informing people in office about the changed plan.
"Great! So, I hope you did not leave out checking weather conditions"
"Yep! We checked the weather and road conditions in state of Washington and nothing is disrupted"
"Did you check the conditions in Oregon?!"
"Oregon? Why Oregon?!"
"You'll have to cross 3 cities in Oregon before you enter Washington!"
"Ok - lemme go and check that out..."

Friday - 31st March, 11:30AM (2.5 hours to start of trip)
As fate would AGAIN have it, the roads in Oregon are in bad shape due to snow and even there they have the chained axle/traction tyres restriction for all vehicles!

So, after one week's planning went down the drain for nothing, we decide to stay at the hotel, put our feet up and R E L A X!!!!


  1. I am surprised you are this relaxed after all of that went down the bcc thotti ! Hmmm.....

    EH well much better than actually setting out and getting stuck in the snow laden roads ! Whoever that was who asked u to check whether conditions twice, needs a pat on the back !

  2. hehe.. nice man.. Similar to our own CBG planning istyle but again.. our plans dont get cancelled due to rain or snow or vehilce restrictions ;)
    From these experiences you learn enjoy the planning more than the trip itself :P

  3. Anonymous10:22 am IST

    aich! too much!having loads of fun..!chuck the weather and ohter sad still rocks!

  4. LOL...tats what happens if there's too much of planning (perfect example would be the chaos in our own IT industry ;) ).

    Next time embark on an unplanned road trip buddy.

    Marriot.... hmm.. I'm drooling

  5. maga such amazing places kano! Take heart in the fact that u went as close as 'planning to go to' Seattle. The most i know of that place is the Grunge Revolution. Hope the weather's ok soon, hogi banni! Btw b'lore is scalding hot.

  6. Anonymous9:48 pm IST

    Murali - Actually, we did not sit back and relax. We did go to a nearby place called Bruneau - It had a small canyon and huge sand dunes. Pictures of it soon :)

    Naren - Planning in itself is an experience?! Nah - its more of frustration!

    Loonie - Back after a long time! Welcome. Yes - life in Las Vegas definitely rocks :D

    Sanjiv - We did make an unplanned one-day trip to Bruneau! (Description somewhere above). And for Marriott - Company pays for it and we accumulate the reward points. We have to find ways to blow those away right?! ;)

    Manu - Maga, forget Seattle! Las Vegas rocks! And I'm writing this comment from Las Vegas :D - Pictures (and more) later ;)


  7. hey neenu trip ge hogi maadokinta planning alle tumba time spend maadide ansuthe :)

    and when did u go to Vegas..

  8. Art - Plan tumba maadi yenoo use aglilla! Las Vegas plan naavu madlilla. Illi office colleagues ibbru plan madidru. Adakke plan success aytu :D - went to Las Vegas last weekend (Friday - Sunday)

  9. Vegas photos haaku... So Grand Canyon hogidra... hege ithu???

  10. Art - Grand canyon aglilla. We had only 2 days to spend in Vegas. Hoover dam ge hogidvi. Nice place. All the water that Las Vegas gets comes from that dam.

    Vegas pictures na post madideeni :)


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