Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas! Posted by Picasa

MGM grand Posted by Picasa

Wynn - Largest hotel in Las Vegas Posted by Picasa

Paris in Las Vegas Posted by Picasa

Bellagio - Remember Oceans Eleven?! Posted by Picasa

Musical fountains in front of Bellagio Posted by Picasa


  1. kkkkkkkkkkkkhatharnaak !!! Did u stand overlooking the fountain, and divide a huge loot amongst ur thief friends ?? :P

  2. Probable bad news

  3. hmm.. nice.. so yen maadidri vegas alli.. (gambling bittu ;))

  4. Sanjiv - Man, why the hell does Real Madrid want only star players in their team?!?! That's sad!

    Murali - Huge loot of -25$... quesstion was how to divide it! :D

    Naren - Plans to go to Vegas when you come here?!

    Art - We visited all the hotels. The main street in Vegas is called "Las Vegas boulevard". All the main hotels and casinos are on that one road. The length of about 2 miles on that road having all these hotels and casinos is called "The Strip". Apart from that, we visied Hoover Dam - which is bang in the middle of the Nevada-Arizona border. Hoover dam's the one which feeds all of Las Vegas water.

  5. Wow!!!!!!! You are having true fun! :)

    If I am not wrong there happens to be a place called Taj Mahal in Vegas too! Went there by any chance?

  6. Keshav - Yep, had been there as well. But that is not as good as others. Its not well planned - that's what I felt.

    Had been to NYC as well :D
    Pics of NYC soon...


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