Monday, March 06, 2006

Indoor soccer

There's an Idaho Indoor Soccer League that goes on for 10 weeks in Boise. Anyone is allowed to form a team and enroll into the league. The game is similar to mainstream soccer, but with some differences.
  • Only 6 players per team - excluding the goalkeeper
  • Smaller field, Smaller goal posts
  • No offside rules, no line refrees
  • No throw-ins - The playing area has a strong glass compound and above the compound, there's netting. The compound can be used as a legitimate ball passing construct. Only if you hit the netting above the compound, the possession switches sides.
  • 2 halves of 22 minutes each
  • Played on synthetic grass-like turf
  • Of the 6 players, at least 3 players must be female
  • If a female scores, its counted as 2 goals (Talk about discrimination!!)
Manu, Murally - are you guys reading this?? We can make a team and join this league!! :D This is very similar to the football we used to play in our "friendly box ground"!! We get to play opposite 3 girls of the opponent team (Forget the guys!). But before we can start thinking about this, we need to find 3 girls to play on our team! :)))) (And a bakra goalkeeper too - Actually, anyone will do - with a defender like me, the goalkeeper will have almost nothing to do :D)

Game for it?! :))))


  1. Ahem... did i forget to mention that I used to keep Goal for my house team. :-).

    'n Girls too!!! I'm all game. :)

  2. Hmm... With a defender like you and girls around you, own goals will flow like crazy.. You are right, goalkeeper wont make such a biiig diff :P

  3. oooh boy! i'm in alright! so do you have a hangar for my pan-galactic jetblaster. Idaho's exactly 5 mins from my place. But seriously, take part ra Maldini. And yes, box field brings some amazing memories!

  4. Nim thaatha karkond hogthaara nanna Idaho ge??

    This above statement was sarcastically but polishedly put by Manu before me but nange ashtondu niceties observe madakke mood illa yaako...

    Football now has to challenges for u maga :

    1) How to pass the ball accurately
    2) How to get passt the balls accurately (assuming the opposition assigns the she wolves as defenders)

    why the lack of mood ? why the misogyny u ask ? Somehow me not in the mood.... and box field and football never a lot of good memories for me did they....................

  5. oooppss... u have already chosen 2 others for ur team :(
    no probs, i will play in the opp team 8)
    on just one codition, make sure u have cute chicks on ur side !!! :p

  6. neen soccer aadtha illa antha ellargu gothu.. time to update blog :P

  7. hmmm this sounds interesting!!!

  8. hey thats nice.. :)
    I have not played soccer/football.. but would like to try it out :)


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