Monday, March 06, 2006

Indoor soccer

There's an Idaho Indoor Soccer League that goes on for 10 weeks in Boise. Anyone is allowed to form a team and enroll into the league. The game is similar to mainstream soccer, but with some differences.
  • Only 6 players per team - excluding the goalkeeper
  • Smaller field, Smaller goal posts
  • No offside rules, no line refrees
  • No throw-ins - The playing area has a strong glass compound and above the compound, there's netting. The compound can be used as a legitimate ball passing construct. Only if you hit the netting above the compound, the possession switches sides.
  • 2 halves of 22 minutes each
  • Played on synthetic grass-like turf
  • Of the 6 players, at least 3 players must be female
  • If a female scores, its counted as 2 goals (Talk about discrimination!!)
Manu, Murally - are you guys reading this?? We can make a team and join this league!! :D This is very similar to the football we used to play in our "friendly box ground"!! We get to play opposite 3 girls of the opponent team (Forget the guys!). But before we can start thinking about this, we need to find 3 girls to play on our team! :)))) (And a bakra goalkeeper too - Actually, anyone will do - with a defender like me, the goalkeeper will have almost nothing to do :D)

Game for it?! :))))