Thursday, February 16, 2006

Trip to Glenn's Ferry

Glenn's Ferry is a small town to the north-west of Boise. Its about 200 miles away. A colleague of mine, who's a licenced pilot, had offered to fly us to that town in a chartered plane. The plane was a small 4-seater plane. It was a very thrilling experience and I could take a few good snaps from up above.

Boise city from the aircraft

Lots of snow capped peaks en-route

This is called Snake river. Looks like one too...

Can you see the landing strip marked in red? The smaller cricle is actually 2 more chartered planes parked!!

I loved this picture of Snake river taken during landing


  1. Yet again. Wow !!!

    Always wanted to flying in a chartered plane.

  2. Awesome da.. lucky you! Have fun :)

  3. Mind blowing pics :)
    Too good... enjoy!!!

  4. If u find time dont miss the chance the to go to Grand Canyon.. Seems its wonderful...

  5. All - Thanks a lot :)

    Art - Yeah, Grand Canyon is definitely on my list! :)
    Have you had a chance to go there?

  6. Hi srini!

    really fantastic pics.
    gr8 stuff.

  7. Anonymous5:06 pm IST

    Nice pics dude,

    Remember me, Chandrahasa... we used to play soccer (Hope I got the right Srini, Sorry if I made a mistake)

  8. Sreedhar - Thanks :)

    Haas - Yeah man! Of course, I remember you... Thanks for dropping by... :)


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