Thursday, February 09, 2006

Shocking incidents

I get up in the morning and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I want to turn on the tap... OUCH!!!!

First day at the HP office in USA. I am being shown around the office. I am shown the lab room and I reach for the door knob... OUCH!!!!

A taxi ride from office to my hotel room cost 21.70$. I hand the guy 22$ and he hands me over a few coins... OUCH!!!!

I take a break from a hard session of debugging. I head to the coffee vending machine and reach to press for the decaf knob... OUCH!!!!

And a lot of OUCH!!!!s later too...

I am talking about mild shocks from static electricity. I did some research... looks like the dry atmosphere in Boise is the main factor. The heating systems everywhere and carpeted floors too...

I found one way to minimize the feeling of static shocks... If you're trying to touch something metallic, take no half-measures. Touch it rapidly once. This should ground all the built-up charges. If you slowly reach for it, there can be a spark when you get close enough the meatallic thing that charges jump out and flow out to the metal.

Hopefully, no more such shocking incidents...


  1. Anonymous10:36 am IST

    Great! atleast some kinda sparks are flying! :D :P

    - karan

  2. Be careful when you are at a refuelling station ;-)

  3. If its static charge then I am the most experienced of the lot. I cant spend a single day in my campus without getting some shocks. Sometimes I give some painfull discharge to my colleagues. Quite often its my touch with the metalic rails along the staircase and the elevator buttons. Whenever my luck turns bad, a spark jumps right from my finger to the lift button.

    Only way I can minimize it, is by increasing the surface area of contact. It might seem strange to others but I always operate lift or tocuh the railing only with my palm and not my fingers.

  4. first time at u r blog. but this problem has been following me all around. its so irritating. if you find some solution to minimise it pls let me know. for the past 2 months even my shirts & over coat spark to every nook and corner i pass.

  5. Karan - Expecting other kind of sparks?? :D

    Sanjiv - Oh yeah... I better be careful while refuelling!

    Baejaar - Agree with you... The more the surface area, the less the charge per unit area that is to get discharged. The lesser the charges discharged per unit area, the lesser amount of shock one feels... Good approach!

    Hul - Thanks for stopping by. In Bangalore, I never experienced static shocks. In Boise, the environment is very dry...Try to keep the atmosphere around you somewhat moist. I boil water to generate steam in my room. This increases the moisture level... This has reduced the static shocks I get in my room to some extent...

  6. maga.. sollegu shock hodiyutha :P

  7. We also experience this a lot of times...
    Try to open doors, sometimes touch each other and there are shocks :)

  8. I get shock while opening doors..

    So I just wait for people to open doors...

    Will try surface area technique...

    So next time u see me hugging the door sheeni, u know what I am trying to do...

  9. Anonymous2:20 am IST

    As soon as i read your first scene, I was sure where you were headed :)
    imagine i used to get shocks from my laptop when i come back from lunch and try CTRL-ALT-DEL..turns out the rebooter got rebooted


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