Thursday, February 16, 2006

Trip to Glenn's Ferry

Glenn's Ferry is a small town to the north-west of Boise. Its about 200 miles away. A colleague of mine, who's a licenced pilot, had offered to fly us to that town in a chartered plane. The plane was a small 4-seater plane. It was a very thrilling experience and I could take a few good snaps from up above.

Boise city from the aircraft

Lots of snow capped peaks en-route

This is called Snake river. Looks like one too...

Can you see the landing strip marked in red? The smaller cricle is actually 2 more chartered planes parked!!

I loved this picture of Snake river taken during landing

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Shocking incidents

I get up in the morning and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I want to turn on the tap... OUCH!!!!

First day at the HP office in USA. I am being shown around the office. I am shown the lab room and I reach for the door knob... OUCH!!!!

A taxi ride from office to my hotel room cost 21.70$. I hand the guy 22$ and he hands me over a few coins... OUCH!!!!

I take a break from a hard session of debugging. I head to the coffee vending machine and reach to press for the decaf knob... OUCH!!!!

And a lot of OUCH!!!!s later too...

I am talking about mild shocks from static electricity. I did some research... looks like the dry atmosphere in Boise is the main factor. The heating systems everywhere and carpeted floors too...

I found one way to minimize the feeling of static shocks... If you're trying to touch something metallic, take no half-measures. Touch it rapidly once. This should ground all the built-up charges. If you slowly reach for it, there can be a spark when you get close enough the meatallic thing that charges jump out and flow out to the metal.

Hopefully, no more such shocking incidents...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The hardest part

And the hardest part
Was letting go, not taking part
That was the hardest part...

And the strangest thing
Was waiting for that bell to ring
It was the strangest start...

I could feel it go down
Bitter sweet I could taste in mouth
Silver line in the cloud
Oh and I...
I wish that I could work it out...

And the hardest part
Was letting go, not taking part
You really broke my heart

And I tried to sing
But I couldn't think of anything
And that was the hardest part

I could feel it go down
You left the sweetest taste in my mouth
Silver line in the cloud
Oh and I...
I wonder what its all about...

Everything I know is wrong
Everything I do, it just comes undone
Everything is torn apart
That's the hardest part...

~ X&Y, Coldplay