Friday, January 20, 2006

Which is more scary?!

You wake up one morning and have an excruciating pain in your left shoulder and can barely turn your shoulder around. You vaugely remember taking a fall from your bike the previous day. Was that an auto or a bike that caused it?! Everything in your head is kinda foggy. You drag yourself through the early morning routines and leave early to office to beat the traffic.

You reach office eager to try out some assembly stuff that you've been thinking about for a week. The parking lot is practically empty. You bolt up the stairs in fresh fervour. You forget everything about the shoulder pain. You reach for your badge in the pocket. Damn, its not there!! You reach the other pocket for the mobile phone. Its not there either!! "Wow... this is not good!", you think to yourself. You have to climb down the stairs again to get the temporary badge from the security. You are presented with a form to fill out. You notice that the shoulder pain is coming back again! Darn! You fill the form and get the badge and this time take the lift to the upper floor.

You sift through the bag to find the draw keys - no prizes for guessing - its not there either!! You know that your very key to passing the whole day is gone - without the headphones that's in the draw, you're almost like fish without water. Unable to figure out if you lost them all or simply forgot them at home, you dial your mom. To your relief, she confirms that everything's right there at home. She is concerned whether you can't do work because some important documents are locked in the draw. You assure her that, for a change, you can work better without the "stuff" in the draw. You are the only one around at office that early. You sneak up to your colleague's desk and elope with his headphones. But you have enough courtesy to leave a note at his desk that the headphones are with you. You think what would happen if you forget to get the draw keys again someday and shudder.

"What a great start to a day...." you think to yourself and start writing this post...

PS: Thanks to Avinash for providing my life support.


  1. Hey.. What happened? How did you get hurt? How is your shoulder now?

    Well, Murphy's law explains everything..

    As for the headphones, it's better to work without the nuisance (atleast once in a while)..

  2. VV - It was a jackass auto guy! More dramatic story when we meet. Its okay now - just a lil sprain. Maga, I can work a lot better with music pounding my ears! :D

  3. Dude... u ok??

    Don't think abt pooja while driving buddy ;)

    jokes apart.. i think ur fall caused the temporary fall in form of the reds too.. so get well soon and keep banging ur head...

    I guess i needn't ask u as to whereu'll be on Feb 5th night...;)

  4. Too many girls on our man's mind eh?!
    Oh and...umm...howse liverpool's ass btw? All sore and Red i'm thinkin? buahahahahahahaha!

  5. Sanjiv - Yeah man - I'm fine! I was'nt thinking about "anyone" while driving ;)

    Manu - Watch out for your own your ass! Second spot is slipping away under your ass!!

  6. Anonymous11:02 am IST

    Aha - who's this Pooja da?!

    - RP

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  8. I demand compensation for the use of headphones. How about revealing the importance of Feb 5th? :))

  9. yes the Feb 5th mystery is quite a thing... (is it a mystery at all ? )

    Uh sheeni, tumba koogaadtidralla assu geessu antella, lil bit cisse idre liverpool nalli lil bit nimge iga iro third place kooda iralla ansatte lil bit :P :D

    (Manu, thanku thanku!!)

  10. Avinash - For the headphones, you can rattle about TBL today at tea!! Good deal?!

    Murali - Cisse missed one goal in that match. Everyone goes thru such games. And ManU won by luck. Lets see who takes the second spot :D

    And I have no clue what's the deal about Feb 5th. It was Sanjiv who mentioned it in the first place. Dude, pls help me out here!

  11. And Pooja is a fictitious character. Resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental :D

  12. Anonymous1:34 pm IST

    Feb 5th... i figured maybe u'll be at the bryan adams concert :D

  13. Anonymous1:35 pm IST

    Anonymous was me

  14. wats the update on ur shoulder? [:o]
    anyways, i cant even do a simple copy-paste when i am listening to music :((

  15. Raju - Shoulder is fine. New pos very soon!

    Sanjiv - NO man! Moreover I'm not at B'lore for the next 3 months! :D

  16. Hope u r fine :)

    U have been tagged.
    Check my blog for details

  17. Art - Thanks :)
    Yep - saw that. I need some time before I take it up. :)


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