Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Brains Storming

Scene 1:

AP1: So, what do you do for a living?
Me: I'm a software engineer
AP1: You work at Infosys?
Me: No, I work at HP
AP1: Hindustan Petroleum? Then you must be getting free petrol??
Me: Err... no - HP = Hewlett Packard
AP1: Ah - accha. Which division do you work in? I know many people there!
Me: Its called storage labs
AP1: Oh - the place where they store raw materials??
Me: Close! Our job is to write code for the refrigerator of the cold storage!

Scene 2:

AP2: We need revolutionary change in operating systems
Me: (YAWN)
AP2: You know... more intelligence. It must do more for its users
Me: You said something?!
AP2: It should adapt to different users' usage dynamically
Me: Say what??
AP2: Lets say a user is tired. The OS can get to know this by his/her typing speed. So, it can start playing a soothing song for the user! Howzzat?!
Me: The user could be having breakfast and typing with one hand!
AP2: Err... ya. And like, the OS should be able to locate and install drivers for any kind of devices. All on-the-fly. User need not worry about what he's plugging in!
Me: So, I can plug in my microwave oven and download the pizza as a jpeg image! Cool!!
AP2: Don't joke! What if the OS could switch the computer on by the voice command of the user?? Then the user won't have the risk of any electric shocks during switching on the computer!
Me: Have'nt you patented this yet?!

Scene 3:

AP3: I'm new to the software field and I want to learn about linux badly!
Me: Another brick in the wall
AP3: So,do you think it is wise to install both windows and linux on my system?
Me: Your "system"??
AP3: Yeah, my desktop
Me: Ah, yes - I thought you meant something else!
AP3: What do you think?
Me: Let me ask you something. I'm really new to this world. Do you think its wise if I marry both Pooja and Dooja?!

Anyone has more such stuff to say?! :D

AP(1,2,3) - Anonymous persons

Someone stop me from drinking too much Irish coffee. It leads to a surge in boredom(and creativity perhaps??)!


  1. Anonymous9:11 am IST

    Comment 1:
    AP1: So, what do you do for a living?
    Me: I'm a software engineer
    Another brick in the wall :D

    Comment 2:

    Comment 3:
    Someone should shutdown the coffee day outlet in your cafeteria!!

    ROFL! Nice post!


  2. Welcome to the first team meeting of the new year. The following is the proposed agenda;

    - Welcome AP4 (:D) to the ((APr)) team
    - Revisit the ((APr)) full year plan - check how we are doing against each of the defined parameters
    - Updates on development plans
    - Discuss the change in structure of the subsequent meetings

    Intestine (Instead of appendix) : AP4 Anonymous Person 4
    APr Anonymous Product

    Hodi maga Hodi maga Hodi maga Hodi maga Bida beda avnnnna ("Hodiyo leyyyyyyyyy" ! In background) -----> my reaction.....

  3. Anonymous5:50 pm IST

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  4. Anonymous5:52 pm IST

    This is simply too much I say! but with the Irish coffee know whoz gonna remind you abt it if am arnd!:D
    creativity flows..sire!;-)
    How about 'motivation' again? lol.

    5:50 PM

  5. "AP2: Lets say a user is tired. The OS can get to know this by his/her typing speed." ... this must have been patented by now, was presented by my senior (officially vinay's senior from Kannadiga land :D )for a technical symposium.

    I knew something was wrong with the way I handled stuff... I have a dual boot system and I'm kinda playing the outfield too... definitely not so "wise" now looking at ur post ;)

    AP4:Hey who was it from Ireland who was creative??

    Me:I know - Nobody :)

  6. :) this was good....

  7. Really entertaining! :)

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  9. RP - *Yawns at the comment... and runs for life!*

    Murali - It'll be so much fun if meetings had "appropriate" background music alva?! :))

    Loonie - No pa. No more "motivation"s for me :D

    Sanjiv - Someone really patented that?! WOW! Ireland? I could only think of Craig Bellamy :D

    Art, Keshav - Thanks :)

  10. Anonymous8:55 pm IST

    both the stuff have happened to me too..
    1. HP gas company ankolodu..
    2. i am not allowed to say what i am working on!!! cos there is a girl in my building by that name!!!
    people give weird stares when i say "i am working on 'blah' " when i am introduced to someone"..

  11. Anonymous3:32 pm IST

    How dare you?! You're going to have to deal with me over weekends - Keep this in mind!! Now you're really thinking na?! :))


  12. Girz - "I am working on -----" - ROFL. Now I really want to know what you're working on!! :))

    RP - *Flees the country* :D

  13. ROFL =))
    the Linux thing is hillarious =))

    btw, y cant u marry both pooja & dooja?? :))

  14. Why didja leave out the keen Keanes?

  15. Raju - 'cos neither of them actually exist!

    Sanjiv - Oh yeah! And moreover Bellamy is Welsh! My mistake.
    But its certainly not me :D

  16. Kya hua....too much of coffee or too much of work?

  17. Anonymous9:09 am IST

    Chaos - yes. He's got drunk and is still to get the cobwebs off his mind!

    Yo drunkard! Bucket of cold water coming your way!!!!


  18. Sanjiv - Had taken a break from office. :D And no, I've not been drinking too much :D (Ignore the comment below yours!)

    RP - Shhh... Don't try to spread false rumours about me!!! Cold water - Winter's almost over - no probs!


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