Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tryst with... Barber??

Its time when its one of those saturdays that I've to go get a haircut. I hate to waste time during mornings since its the most productive time for me. Wasting such precious time for haircut?! I'm against it. But since I'd been successful for almost 4 months in evading this "duty", this time, my mom would have none of my excuses. Thinking - "Sigh - here goes a wonderful saturday morning, right out the door!", I slowly drag myself to a salon.

Its a salon that's pretty near to my home. I ask the guy to cut my hair short. He gave me a puzzled look:

Barber: You sure? You want it cut fully short?
Me: Yeah.
Barber: How many months since you had a haircut?
Me: (Taken aback!) 2 months I guess.
Barber: No way sir! It must've been 3-4 months!
Me: (Thinking - whatever man, you would know better!)

I honestly had no idea when was the last time I had got my hair cut. I mean, does it really matter?! For once I ws not wasting time on saturday mornings and I was sort of enjoying my flowing long hair :D. Anyway, he got on with his job and I drifted out in my reveries. I was suddenly brought back by this legendary line!

Barber: Sir, You must have got the hair cut by me the last time!
Me: WHAT?! How can you tell?
Barber: I just know its my work!
Me: (Again thinking - whatever man, you would know better!)

I did not know who cut my hair the last time. There are 3-4 barbers in that salon. Gee - talk about recognizing your work. Then he went on saying that I had strong hair and I must grow it longer and get it styled. I firmly said no and I paid him. While leaving, I just glanced back from the door and told him:

"I'll be back in 4 months!"


  1. haha!!! this was funny...

  2. Me Jealous... I havta go the barber every 3 weeks...

  3. Sanjiv - you never tried growing it long?? Might come in handy at rock concerts, for head banging!! :))

  4. U MUST have banged ur head somewhere recently srini, cos thats one of the most ridiculous pieces of advice ive seen being given!!

  5. Murali - :D, yeah: I did bang my head against a "hard rock" - since then I've been giving ridiculous advices and I also got my hair cut :))

  6. So where are u gonna be Rahman concert or MLTR concert?

  7. MLTR concert is over in B'lore. Next year, Megadeth concert might be a good place! :P


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