Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rainy saga

This incident happened quite sometime ago. Since so much rain is lashing the city nowadays, I was reminded of this.

It was one of those evenings when the skies were turning dark and the winds were carrying the moisture that howled into my ears - "Go home, Srinivas - Its gonna rain like crazy!". I looked at my watch - it was almost 6. I knew that if it started raining and I had to leave after the rains subsided, there would be major traffic snarls all over the place. So, I decided to leave office. No one in the office was surprised, 'cos 6 - 6:30 is my usually packing time anyway. Actually, they'd be surprised if I am seen at office anytime after 6:30!!!!

I was on the way, riding back home - I just about, had made it thru the Richmond circle traffic junction. But as fate would have it, the light turned from green to amber as I was about to cross the pedestrian line. SCRREEEEEECH! I bring kid to a halt just centimeters before the line. (For the uninitiated - "kid" is what I call my bike). I sighed in relief 'cos the policemen can be quirky sometimes, levying a fine for even the slightest of traffic offenses. Someone had also commended me as "a strict follower of traffic rules", so I wanted to keep that rep intact. Moreover, I did not have enough money to pay up the fine if I was caught and they don't accept credit cards - do they?! ;-)

The counter started counting down from 129 seconds. Damn - that's a lot of time. I turned off kid to save fuel and lend my minute contribution towards national economy and in saving the global non-renewable resource. I looked up to the skies and I could see a massive dark cloud trying to position itself exactly above my head! I realized that its not safe to have my mobile phone and wallet in my jacket, 'cos its not really water-proof. 75 seconds remaining. What to do?! I slip my hand into my pocket, get a pack of menthos out and roll one into my mouth - "Dimaag ki batti jala de!!". I thought it would give me some bright idea, just as that kid in the commercial got an idea to save his college books from the rains(Not to mention, he also managed to impress that girl in the nearby car - but no, there was no girl in any of the cars nearby!). I decided it would be safer to put them in my bag. 45 seconds remaining. There was not enough time to get the bag from my back and then transfer the stuff into it and then put it back. So, I tried to get the zipper of one of my bag's compartments open while it was still on my back. The people around me would have been wondering why menthos did not give this guy any other bright idea than what he's currently wrestling to accomplish! 25 seconds remaining. I managed to get it open, and put the mobile phone and the wallet into it. 20 seconds remaining. It starts pouring heavily. Within no time, I'm completely drenched. 15 seconds remaining. I realise that its no use to wait in shelter for the rain to subside. Since I'm already all wet, I might as well try to reach home as early as possible and dry up. 10 seconds remaining. Uh oh! I am not able to close the zipper of that open compartment! 8 seconds remaining. I try to yank it and force it my way! No, it won't budge! 7 seconds remaining. I still needed to get kid kick-started. I could hear horns honking loud behind me! One last try - I yank so hard, that the zipper handle is in my hand - Well done Srinivas! What a brave accomplishment! 5 seconds remaining. That's it - I cannot keep trying on this anymore. I started kid and then rode away. All this while, it was raining constantly and since the traffic did not allow me to check my bag anyway on the way back, I had to check it only when I eventually reached home.

The first thing I checked was my bag. I peered inside the compartment where I had put my mobile phone and wallet. Both of them were happily swimming in the little pool that had formed inside my bag!!!! All the notes in my wallet were soggy and the mobile phone was behaving weird. I had to keep it switched off for 3 days to get it completely dried and working properly again. So, nowadays, I put my phone and wallet in the bag before I leave and yeah, I also bought a new, reliable water-proof jacket! Someone please remind me to sue the menthos ad agency!!!!


  1. This is the 2nd time you are writing about the same thing

  2. VV the manager - Pls provide me with the link to the earlier post sir!

  3. That is terribly poor dexterity srini...but made for good post material!

  4. Felt sad for what happened to u.. But then the way u have written the whole incident is too good.. Hilarious...
    I liked the countdown part the best... It was too good... Every second waiting for things to get rite...
    And as far as I remember u havent written about this earlier... except that u mentioned in my blog that it rains when u r on signal :)

    As far as sueing goes... If u were in US u could have surely sued them ;)
    Here people sue others for such silly reasons.. :)
    Hope ur water proof jerkin helps u out.. and hope u dont have to put ur mobile and wallet in swimming pool.. ;)

  5. Manu - Lo, you must try that with my jacket on! Dexterity ante!!!!

    Art - Thanks :) Yeah, probably I can sue them on grounds of "causing extreme emotional distress and inflicting embarassment of the highest degree in public" or something like that :))

  6. Wonderful writing buddy...

    You had me thinking "Please don't let the stuff get wet,please please". It's marvellous when you get ur readers to become so indulged in ur writing.

    Fantabulous.. Keep it up

  7. hahaha...
    maga its DHIMAAG ki batthi jalaade..
    but alas!!! u dont have a dhimaag :p
    so u cant sue them =))

  8. Anonymous10:38 pm IST

    Ah! Bangalore! Love the rains..been hearing abt the traffic jams, the people n the pollution heart aches!
    oh man! do i miss bangalore!!!:-(

  9. Sanjiv - Thanks buddy! It'd be difficult for me to keep this rep though :D

    Raju - GRRRR! Ninna ondu kai nodkoteeni!!!!

    Loonie - Yeah, this time around, its been lashing a record amount of rains! Very difficult to commute to and from office from the last 2-3 days! :(

  10. Yenu full melodrama nindu??? And that too all over a stupid phone??

    Isme drama hai emotion hai suspense hai!!!?!?!? Yappa my god! What all ppl will enjoy anta....

    Could have been finished in just ten lines instead of what like the 2000 that uve written

    Give more gamana on ur Controller 'kid'!

  11. Well.. I did not find the link for your previous post.. But I have definitely read the same thing some time ago. The exact same situation explained with the exact same details.. I also remember when this happened.. Your phone was not working for a couple of days and you could not be reached on one of the weekends..

    If I find/remember your older post/mail, I'll let you know

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