Monday, October 10, 2005

Marriages - not made in heaven!

/* Changed the title - credits to Vaibhav Rajan */

A weekend full of social meetings! That's what it was. A wedding reception on saturday evening and my nephew's first birthday celebration on sunday. While sunday was a great experience, saturday was not as well planned and executed as sunday. The current way of wedding receptions is way too ineffective for people who go through the "routines" of the reception.

Just think about it - what do we usually do when we go to wedding receptions? Stand in a line, give the gift to the couple, wish them, pose for a photo and then go to the dining hall, have dinner and head back home. There might be a few social interactions here and there which is irrelevant for my post here.

Effective Marriage:
Have a drive through kinda thing with 3 counters on the way. People drive in,
  • Drop the gift(s) at the first counter
  • Have a photo taken at the second counter - which will then be digitally morphed with the couple's photo - just like it would be if you were to stand beside them!! There could even be a telephone in this counter using which people can talk to the couple and wish them all the best for their long life ahead!
  • Get food and eat it at the third counter. Based on some people's preferences, they could get the food packed too and eat it later!
More Effective Marriage:
Conduct the reception over a video netmeeting with audio conferencing. This way we could get as close as possible to the "real" reception atmosphere!! For the food, the hosts could allow people to eat whatever they want and get the bills reimbursed. This way people get to eat what they like most instead of some fixed food decided by the hosts. In order to have a control on food expenses, the hosts could decide to reimburse only upto a particular maximum amount.

How did I end up thinking of these junk stuff????
  • Wedding hall 35KMs from my home(That I did not have to travel the entire 35KMs is a different story altogether)
  • Heavy rain throughout the "journey"
  • Traffic jam inside the wedding hall premises
The titles "Effective Marriage" and "More Effective Marriage" inspired by Scott Meyers' books - "Effective C++" and "More Effective C++". :))

There's a time and place for every song ever written.
Hell with the time and place - just listen to the simply amazing songs anywhere, anytime!


  1. lol! but wudn't the drive-in counters get crowded too? also, an answering machine with the couple's voices at the third counter wud be even more effective. good srini...c++ DOES shape thinking radically!

  2. LOL!!!
    Creative indeed

  3. As suggested by Giri.. "Let us Marry!!" (Looks like he follows kanitkar big time :P).. Nice one na!?
    Nyways.. didnt I tell you ppl wanted to comment to the song lyrics post. even tho its not ur own if u thought what the hell to post... ppl think what the hell to comment :D..
    nyways.. The title can be "Exceptional Marriage" and "More Exceptional Marriage" inspired by ur latest C++ idol Herb Sutters books "Exceptional C++" and "More Exceptional C++" :D

  4. Manu - Yeah, they can get crowded too. But just having multiple counters for each purpose will solve the traffic issue ;-)

    Art - Thank you, thank you *bowing down* :)

    Naren - Whoa, What did you just say??? EEEEEKKKKSSSS!!!!
    Yeah, I did not know people would want to comment on the prev post!

  5. What about "Accelerated Marriage" as
    Andrew Koenig & Barbara E. Moo wld put it? :D

    Whats goin on anyway?
    Srini here seems to be haunting too many social functions nowadays.Trying to get ur mom and a certain "somebody" acquainted?

  6. Sanjiv - I'd rather not mention "Deep C secrets" book by Peter Van Der Linden!! :D What's happening? Well, neither my mom or that certain "someone" attended that wedding this past saturday ;-)

  7. HP - Invent ;-o :-o ;-o

  8. Marriages - not made in heaven!

  9. Thanks for your suggestions! I like Vaibhav's suggestion! :)
    Thanks Vibes!

  10. U're most welcome, Srinivas!
    I have always found the whole ritual of marriage unnecessary and irrelevant. And the roles of friends and relatives really confound me! Of course, to have fun & celebration is nice. But the rituals & traditions are exasperating.

  11. Vaibhav - Exactly my point! But there are far too many traditionalists out there! *sigh*


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