Friday, September 09, 2005

Velvet Revolver - Contraband

Contraband - Velvet Revolver Posted by Picasa

Finally I got my hands on this album after roaming around from one store to another for almost 2 months now! Its a neat album - got all ingredients of a hard rock album. Fast, racy tracks and also some slow, rhythmic, melodious songs. Here's the complete list of tracks. Do keep an eye on the warning - (Strong language - it really is! Mind you!!)

Sucker train blues *
Do it for the kids
Big machine
Illegal I song
Spectacle *
Fall to pieces ***
Superhuman *
Set me free **
You got no right ***
Slither ***
Dirty little thing
Loving the alien ***

The starred songs are my personal picks. For the racy/heavy music buffs, Slither, Set me free are racy enough to get your pulse racing. For those who favor melody, I'd recommend - Loving the alien, You got no right and Fall to pieces.

Now something about the band itself - Its got 3 of Ex-GNR members. Scott Weiland on the vocals, Slash (Ex-GNR, Saul Hudson is his real name) on lead guitars, Dave Kushner on rhythm guitars, Duff McKagan (Ex-GNR) on Bass guitars, and Matt Sorum (Ex-GNR) on the drums.

To make the long story short: Certainly worth a buy - at least, get the songs and listen to them (AT LEAST the starred ones!)


  1. U got ethics dude... buying the songs.. Me listening the entire set right now. U missed a song.

    Bodies(Live performance)

  2. sanjiv - yeah, me xrazy about music CDs!

  3. Don't you think your readers deserve an update? We need a fresh Blog!

  4. keshav - yup! just been busy with a transition process. will post soon!


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