Tuesday, September 13, 2005

There's just so much going on at office - with a new product getting transitioned to us, there's always some or theother training session dialy. And I've also been studying documentation everyday to increase my understanding of the product. Life is progressing at a blinding pace - so much that I've not been able to clearly see things that've passed by. But every now and then there are things that come to one's mind, some things that happen during one's fast paced life, that makes one stop for a while and ponder a bit over it. Exactly something like that did happen today.

It dates back to my primary school days. I used to go to a school near to my home. I had so many friends, most ofwhom were living quite nearby. Today we all are seperated - not so much by distance, but by the lack of time! Most of us still live in the same locality but still don't meet often - actually, we seldom meet. Today I was reminded of a strange meeting with a very old school pal, almost 3 years ago. That just has made me take a break from a runaway life and think about him - wonder where he is and what he's doing today? I just hope that he's doing fineand is happy with life.

He's this very good chum of mine, and we knew each other since LKG! Even today, I clearly remember he used to come to my home as it was on the way to school for him. We used to go to school together. The last we saw each other wasat the end of the 7th standard. He continued with high school studies in the same school, while I switched schools. He was a very simple person - I mean, we were just kids then, not knowing too much about each other's qualities. But we got along very well - Its only now that I can see the difference that he was from a relatively poor family. In those days, we were just like brothers - no difference in anyway that we could point out in each other!

It so happened that 3 years earlier, on a lazy morning, as I was strolling around the terrace, I see the newspaper guy come with the dialy newspaper. I rush downstairs to get it. By the time I reach the gate, the guy was at the next door. It was someone familiar - very clear resemblance. I slowly walked up to him, still trying to figure out who it was. As he turned back, there was no doubt - it was indeed him! He recognised me instantly. I was a tad surprised to see him deliver newspapers. We chatted for a while and then I asked him as to what he's doing nowadays. He told me that he was doing B-COM and since he was having vacations, he was doing some part-time jobs to help his parents with some income. Now I was surprised that he never contacted me when he'd been delivering newspapers since a month! I asked him why he never called me out whenver he came to my home every morning. To this he bent his head down - for a moment I could not understand, but then I realized that it was probably that he felt a bit ashamed about it. I quickly changed the topic and asked him to take me to his house. They had changed their home - but it was still in the same area. I went to his home and talked to his mother too. Even his mother recognized me fairly quickly. I stayed there for a while and then left. I did meet him often from that day, for about 4 months. Then suddenly he disappeared again. After 3-4 months, I heard from another friend of mine that he's joined some night shift job and was living in a different locality. Till date I have not heard from him or anything about him.

I just wonder sometimes, people do not give any name to some relations - I mean, in this case, we were just kids studying in the same school for 8-9 years - at that age, we did not know these deep meanings of friendship, etc. But yet, there's always this thing in our head that brings us back memories from the past. Today, I remembered my very good pal who I knew from kindergarten. Even though I do not know his whereabouts or how he's doing, in myheart, I just hope that he's fine and happy in life. And yeah - hope he remembers about me too :)


  1. very neat n touchy post srini :)

  2. Just an other aspect to life.... No intention to spoil the moment...

    Not everybody is like this in this world.... To the extent that you sometimes have to rely on people who are NOT close to you (like ur friend in this case) to give you such peace and comfort....


  3. Neat post man.. I met one of my school friends as well, he is currently working in Westside in Forum. Anyways.. thats life..

    @Murali - Wat you talking abt? I dont think anyone relies on others to give them peace and comfort, Its just a thought.. a Wish..
    and moreover why one needs to be "CLOSE" for this?!

  4. Yo!

    Yup man.. neat post. I once had this friend who quit school in the 7th std (and i didnt know that he had). When i met him, he told me that he was working in a mill, to support his family, coz his dad had expired (which was y he had quit school). His timings were like 7am to 9pm in a place far away. My heart just goes out to him wherever he is.. to wish him all the best life has to offer.. atleast from now on

  5. very nice post indeed...
    Its so nice to remember old friends.. The memories of childhood..where we dont understand the complexities of life...
    Felt really good reading this.. hope all ur friends remember u..

  6. Raju, Keshav - thanks :)

    Murali - Its not that my peace and comfort depends on anything - its just the old memories coming back - and you just wish that nice people you've come across are happy wherever they are - that's all!

    Naren - Agree with you, and yeah, similar response to murali's comments.

    Karan - Thanks. You are echoing the same sentiments.

    Art - One always wishes if one can have his/her childhood back. Life now is so much mroe twisted and tangled up in many ways! *sigh* - thanks for your wishes :)

  7. Nice Post...During Childhood we are true innocents only when we grow up we come to know how much true is Charles Darwin's statements are.... for curiosity sake... if u get to meet him again...wud u help him and if so how cud u do it???

  8. Arvind - I am always ready to help people. In this case, it would depend on what that guy's condition is when we meet again. He may be in a good position too - right? Also, some people are rigid in that they don't accept some kinds of "help" - you know what I mean?

  9. Nice thoughts for a friend..


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