Monday, September 26, 2005

Sweet story - or is it?!

** BEGIN **

He is dressed in clean pressed spotless white shirt and a flawless navy blue pants. He has a fresh red rose in his hands. He's at a engagement party and is consciously looking every now and then towards the entrance. 30 uneasy minutes pass on and with every passing moment, the eagerness is more and more evident from his eyes. During this time, he's not accepted anything to eat or drink. Its pretty late for dinner and quite a few people have finished dinner. Some people do notice that he's got a rose in his hand and are wondering why he's not giving it to the bride-to-be. No, it was not his engagement and no one seemed to know how he was related to the people in the engagement.

His face suddenly lits up in enthusiasm. A fine young lady draped in crisp white dress gracefully walks in. He thinks everyone's eyes are on her. She walks straight to him. He now thinks that everyone is jealous of this fact!

She: Is the rose for me?
He: Of course sweety!
She: You're too sweet
He: Its getting pretty late for dinner and you must be hungry.
She: Oh no dear, I was late, 'cos I finished dinner before coming

(Background laughters if required!)

He: Yeah, even I don't feel like eating.
He: You look beautiful!
She: (Blushes) Thanks. You look pretty dashing too.
He: Well, I've to be my best when I'm with you.
He: Hey, there's a counter where we can get some chocolates to eat!
She: How wonderful!

(They reach the counter, but find only 1 piece remaining!!)

She: Aww, there's only one left.
He: You have it - I know how much you love chocolates
She: Yeah, but you should have it dear - you're such a darling
He: No problems, I could buy a chocolate on the way back
She: No, I'd feel bad if you did'nt have it.
He: And I'd feel bad if I ate it alone
She: Why not split it - we can both eat together!
He: How sweet and romantic?!

As they turn back to the counter, a third person has taken the last piece. He eats the whole piece at one go, tosses the wrapper skillfully to the dumpster a few feet away and walks away thinking - "Sheeesh! GET A LIFE!"

** END **


  1. So u were the one who swiped the chocolate !!!!

  2. Oh come on Sanjiv - Srini was the guy holding the rose and waiting for the girl. The only unknown factor is the name of the girl. Come on Srini, be a sport. Tell us ;-))

  3. Actually Sanjiv is right! Giri, you still don't understand me after all these years!! Cha! :D

  4. Also, this is a cooked up story. I only say Sanjiv is rt 'cos I could only have fit in that role! ;-)

  5. Wow!!! I would have fit into that role too :)

  6. I would have been chivalrous enough to inform them before having it! :P

  7. Art - wow, what a coincidence?! would you have done the exact same thing or anything different?

    Keshav - if its there and its not taken, its yours man! that's how the world works! :D

  8. and I miraculously was the third person. Get A Life yaw!
    its sickening that this can be abbreviated to GAL!

  9. Srini here has been dreaming a lot. He's got to realise that he's been seeing his dreams in First person view and not third person view :))

  10. ManU - my thoughts exactly - I somehow forgot to put that in my original post - GAL(get a life!!) :))

    Sanjiv - that realization would turn the dream into a nightmare buddy - trust me on that! i better stick to my better dream :D

  11. i am used to these kinda abrupt endings srini...
    so typical "srini" ishtyle :D

  12. obviously i would just pick it up n walk away.. now how on earth am i supposed to know if those two are having a "pehle tum,pehle tum" discussion...
    And even if knew... its a choclate.. so i would obviously take it...(may be courtsey sake i would ask or may be not)...

    BTW what does this mean // GAL(get a life!!)//

  13. Raju - Well, I must have my own style that stands out, right? ;-)

    Art - Since this was a story I thought up, I was at freedom to visualize the conversation between those 2. And its just a miraculous coincidence that "get a life" abbreviates to GAL :D

  14. time for a new post...

  15. Art - yeah, will come very soon. within the next 2 days! :)


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