Saturday, August 20, 2005

You can go ahead and do a thing that you know is right, and later get blamed for doing the right thing...


You can ask 100 people, with most of them wanting you to do the wrong thing - you go ahead and do the wrong thing - and get appreciated for it!!

Neat life we're living here... I'll keep on digging...

Smells like teen spirit??


  1. Anonymous12:16 pm IST

    come as you are!
    I prefer doing the wrong things in life on my own. Who cares?
    peace out!

  2. You want appreciation and acceptance or the feeling of doing a thing the right way?

    You know what to choose!

    Darn others!

  3. i dont care for appreciations... i mean i do, but not at the cost of not able to follow what's my heart n mind saying me to do :)

  4. Everyone - yeah I know, I chose the first one and got blamed for it also - but heck, I don't care - I know I did the right thing.

    Thanks everyone!

  5. So which path are you goin to take?
    1. The path to Nirvana
    2. Following Kurt Cobain.


  6. Sanjiv - err, are'nt both of 'em the same?? :P

  7. Others.. Others... Enuf of it man.. Do what you want!! (Me currently listening to SFW by Metallica ;D. I think you got the name of the song!)

  8. for those who did not get SFW, LTFS!!!!


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