Monday, August 08, 2005

My condolences for yesterday!

Waking up on a sunday morning to find your cellphone showing "12 messages" is something surprising - considering that its my cellphone! Something that has not happened for a long long time! I scroll through the list of senders - 8 of them are from people who would'nt have messaged me in the last 3-4 months at least! What's the deal?? It was friendship day - how lame??

I'd like to take this opportunity to show the longest finger of my left hand to the concept of friendship day! I don't need my friends to wish me on a special day when they would remember me as their friend! Its as if they don't have time throughout of the year to call up and talk to friends - so, what do they do? Ear mark a day for "remembering" friends! Shoot - what's this coming to? Friendship day, mother's day, father's day - nothing but cheap marketing gimmicks to sell flowers, cards, "friendship bands" - what the hell does it mean?? I ain't got no bands on my hands! Does it mean I don't have friends?? Take a hike!

Don't get me wrong here - Just 'cos I did not send any friendship messages or buy friendship bands does not mean I don't care for my friends. And I'm pretty sure that my friends would know that. But people who would'nt have cared to say "Hi" for a long long time remembering someone on a friendship day is plain stupid! For those 8 messages, I never replied!

Yep - neat weekend!

*Totally irrelevant sidenote* - "Where there's a will" is a very good comedy play running at Rangashankara. Written by Mahesh Dattani. Go watch it sometime!


  1. Anonymous12:45 pm IST

    it's a nice world ... atleast they remember you nice to them...
    you know what i think is the concept behind these marked days?
    We all are so f****** busy with our schedules..and then one day we all wake up..realize that we have been missing out on our pals..juss a day to remind us of ur pals..pull us out of the daily shit..may be itz kinda nice..may be some like it..may be some don't! peace out:-)

  2. Ha ha loonie u poor loonie! How miserably u try to avoid reality?!

    first of all i totally agree with Sreeni on this one....

    Coming back to u loonie.....

    We r so busy with our schedules? What if this time friendship day fell on a Weekday? Wont u still be busy? or only coz its friendship day u say "OH its protocol! Its destined to be friendship day today so let me make room in my schedule for sending some artistic crappy msg!! or buyin a phony band"

    Well i have two counters to that :

    1) Who decides when is this friendship day anyways eh?Is there a world council or something? or the UN or something? wel balls to them for creating such abominable rituals!

    2) If we DO believe in such crap somehow, why not make it a monthly ritual? Better weekly? BETTER DAILY!!!? A true friend deserves more than a day/year!

    HUH.......Thats why i'd like to call it f day

  3. Anonymous2:28 pm IST

    @ murali: peace out all exists....whether you accept it or not..take it or leave it. whoz compelling you..?this is 'reality'!
    it's a big world..too many people..too many thots..where are we?
    it's a lie..a very white faster..and where wud you reach? the world's round..this is reality.

  4. Ah! what've we got here? 2 contrasting views... What I'd say is this - what a person expresses about this topic depends on his'her thinking, the kind of friends he/she has/have had and also on the kind of experiences they've had with their friends.

  5. Anonymous6:34 pm IST

    I completely agree srini!

  6. U make me feel pathetic .. since I sent quite a few to a lot of people ..some whom I keep in touch with.. others whom I just put in a hi , now and then...


  7. sanjiv - dude, you got me wrong. as loonie has said, there're various kinds of people. what i've put here is just my personal opinion and i've got nothing against people who follow this friendship day thingy. :)

  8. "Friends" consists of both people with whose thoughts and feelings you would want to keep in touch with and those you would just like to "keep in touch" with. Agreed that these so-called special days make little sense, but if they are essential for other people to remind them of their friends, whichever category they belong to, one shouldnt be very bothered.

  9. Pratibha - so, some people do need these "special" days to remember others? yeah - may be you're right. but i don't need such a special day to remember anyone.

  10. I have got even stronger reservations against this crap!

    Why do I need a special day to assert my friendship with someone?

  11. Hey, all I meant was if I dont care for such "special" days its fine. But if someone else does I shouldnt have a problem. Caring for friends need no occasion! :)

  12. Keshav - you bet!

    Pratibha - yes, I agree. Others can do what they think is fine. If someone follows these, I have no problem with them.

  13. Hi dude,

    How r u . Saw ur comment just now..Life at SAP is too cool..Currently undergoing training which is not so cool :0(

  14. ok, seeing all the comments above, at present, my mind says this... "friendship day is the day for u to wish all those friends who are not in touch with u... (the reasons can be aplenty). For friends who are close to u, n who dont need to beg 4 ur time, this day is just another crap"

  15. Anonymous11:15 am IST

    @ smile: Well said smiley!:D

  16. " Its cheat fuck ur buddy, cheat on ur wife, call ur mom on mother's day "

    - Colonel Frank Slade
    aka Al Pacino, Scent of a Woman (1994 i think..... still holds good)


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