Friday, August 12, 2005

Happy weekend!

This has been quite an un-eventful week, except for a few tidbits here n there. I'm off to shivanasamudra falls tomorrow. And since my blog needed to be updated, I'm jus droppin a note to wish everyone a happy weekend. Oh yeah - the most interesting comment at office about my new hair style - "Before this you were looking like a decent fellow!". Thank you very much, that was the whole idea!! :)) Ooh - n also, leaving below a romantic song. This one's romantic alright - but not mushy. How I hate those ultra mushy ones - by those boy/girl/pop bands!!!! You know, its just a phase that you like them - quite at ages 12-16. But eventually you grow out of it. Something like - you never wear the pant you used to wear when you were 15, now that you're 22 - Right?? But some people do! Hard Rock fan Mr. Savage Garden for example - (Pun intended!)

Anyway, This is for My Lyla.

By Oasis (Liam Gallagher)

Calling all the stars to fall
And catch the silver sunlight in your hands
Call for me to set me free
Lift me up and take me where I stand

She believes in everything
And everyone and you and yours and mine
I waited for a thousand years
For you to come and blow me off my mind

The stars about to fall... So what'd you say
The world around us makes me feel so small
If you can't hear me call then I can't say
Heaven help you catch me if I fall...

She's the queen of all I've seen
And every song and city far and near
Heaven help me mademoiselle
She rings a bell for all the world to hear

Have a nice weekend everyone! See you all around :)


  1. so this isnt mushy for u :|:|:|

  2. yea - this ain't mushy. you must listen to some pop songs - my life is incomplete without you, i cannot live in your absence, me heart has a hole that only you can fill and other similar overrated stuff!!

  3. Happy Weekend... well should i say Long Weekend... enjoy maadi :)

  4. Anonymous11:59 pm IST

    enjoy maadi1 Oasis has lovely songs! mez a fan! thanx for the songs!!

  5. Art - Thanks :) Happy independence day to you, in the US of A!!

    Loonie - Yes, Oasis is a good band! Now that you've become a fan, you must check out their history. Especially about the Gallagher brothers and about their sibling rivalry. Read some of their interviews. Google for them.

    This is what Liam had to say in an interview about their latest album "Don't believe the truth"

    Interviewer: You've come out with an album after a long time. How come?
    Liam: Mortgages to pay, wives, children and stuff like that.
    Interviewer: You mean, not out of creative inspiration??
    Liam: Naah, we don't believe in nonsense like that. We leave it to the other bands. :))

  6. Some commercial junk above has been removed!!!!


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