Thursday, July 28, 2005

Today's song and gyan

Today's note: One of my photos on Dheepak's blog. Check it out! (29/07/2005 - 10:00AM)

Eagleheart - Stratovarius Posted by Picasa

All through the night he is lying awake
Wondering how much more can he take
Watching the walls where shadows dance
Drifting away into a trance.
And his eyes are blazing with fire

Dreams burnt to ashes so many times
Highest of mountains, still he climbs
Ready to fly because he just can't stay
Flame burning brighter with every day
And his eyes are blazing with fire
Longing for the deepest desire

Heart of an eagle
He flies through the rainbow
Into a new world and finds the sun
Spreading his wings above all the sorrows
The glory of Eagleheart

Fever is burning in his veins
Determined with courage breaking the chains
Back against the wall under blood red skies
Prepared to fight until he dies.

Gyan: (For guys only!) Single girlfriend is a SPOF(single point of failure). Always have an optimal number of girlfriends :)) (I hope Pooja does not read this!!)


  1. Anonymous10:32 am IST

    Lovely got an yem pee three?

    Neat blog!:-)

  2. loonie - thanks. of course i've got the mp3. you must listen to this one probably!

  3. Anonymous11:28 am IST

    Wud be very kind of you if you can mail it to me if yer free!:D..*big wide grin*..*expectant bambi eyes*

  4. Look who is imparting gyan!!

    I am all jealous! :D

  5. loonie - there you go... hope you got it.

    keshav - as they say, the learning curve never ends. i'm just imparting gyan as i get it :P

  6. Ur Gyan is cool Srini.. but i dont think thats very much useful for someone like me :P.. what say?!

  7. naren - pls elaborate :D

  8. Elaborate?!?! I meant for me who doesnt believe in this "Girl Friend/s" funda, ur gyan is of no use antha :P

  9. i am waiting for someone called POOJA to take over from now on... will be fun :D :D
    btw, how come loonie didnt comment on the GYAN ???!!!!

    PS : maga, frankly, tat was a good gyan :D

  10. Raju - SHHHHHHHHHHHH! IDIOT! NOT SO LOUD!! And yea - you can always count on me to impart self-utilitarian gyan! :P


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