Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This ain't no movie!

A social gathering - party to be precise... A sea of people (well almost) - some known faces, some unknown, some enjoying, some pretending to be enjoying, some absolutely lost without a clue as to what's going on. Such variety of people around - he looked at the crowd once more, for the topology of people had changed. Everytime he looked around, he was almost amused to see people doing things they were doing. Presently he could see a lady walking towards him.

"Hello beta! Do you remember me?", she asked him
He pretended to concentrate hard and suddenly said "Ya! Yes, yes - I do remember..."
"So, I heard now you're earning since a year. Very good beta. I'm so proud of you" she continued.
"Ya, just completed a year. Thanks" He had to say this. Suddenly she turned away from him and called out to someone in the crowd.
"Pooja, come here..." - He could see a girl coming towards them.
"This is my daughter, Pooja" She introduced her to him.
"Hi!" she said.
"Hello". He somehow did not like this.
"You two be talking, I'll be back shortly" she said, and disappeared into the crowd.
"Just like in the movies eh?!" he asked
"Like what?" She asked
"You know, parents introduce a boy to a girl and conviniently leave the scene" he said
"Oh ya. Always happens na?" she chuckled.
"How lame I must say! By the way, I still don't know who she was and who you are - please pardon my ignorance" he said matter of factly.
"Oh that's alright. As long as you know my name, that's enough for a conversation. And yes, that's a very lame trick and I hate it!" she said.
Oh great, someone who seems to think similarly, he thought to himself.
"I don't know about you, but I'm hungry. How about having something to eat?" he asked her.
"I'm hungry too. Sure" she said.


Hey, hey - what were you ppl expecting?? This ain't no movie!!!! :))


  1. All right, dude... So who is she? And when are we getting the intro? ;-))

  2. Dude - this is nothing more than a cooked up story! Why doubts on that?! :D

  3. omg i had the exact same idea in mind...well almost! will do a post soon.
    *sidenote: writing in third person isnt exactly as culturally sophisticated as u think it is!*

  4. manu - waitin for your post. and sorry guru... ninna thara sophesticated agi baryakke baralla nange!

    keshav - thanks man! long time no updates on your blog?

  5. magane... nice post :-p

  6. Hmm..nice post, but the ending was very abrupt. Since you claim it wasnt your own experience, I guess you could have given it a nicer end! Its well written.

  7. raju - thanks lo

    pratibha - thaks :). i guess i did not stretch my imagination beyond that. this was what my office schedule allowed.

    and ya, a minor confession. this was not a completely cooked up story. :D

  8. Well well , is this the calm before the storm (Mind you it could be a welcome storm in paradise for you)?

    So Pooja huh.. well it's a great way to build up ur social contacts ;)

  9. Dabba.. little by little revealing eh?? anyways.. waiting for the info and ofcors the intro ;-)...

    BTW Nice cooked up true story!! hehe

  10. sanjiv, naren - i said the story was not "completely" cooked-up. And, i did not say that the "he" in the story is me! so, relax guys, nothing of what you might be thinking is happening! :))

  11. Nice experience dude... Pooja, eh?? (or name changed for obvious reasons?).. Anyway, where's the next part of your story?
    And ofcourse, we'll all be waiting for the intro.

  12. VV - ya, name changed and we got engaged too! Marriage in 3 months! :))


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