Friday, July 01, 2005

Song for the weekend

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Cold winter nights

Summers gone a while ago
The daylight dims away
I'm watching here
how the snow begins to fall

Yesterdays like a dream
A memory in my head
Like the lifes gone behind the winter wall

I'm lighting up the candles
and lock the door
Sitting by the fire
Its time to dream some more

I have to find a way how to survive
I am surrounded by the starlight
I have to find the path and to
escape from the Cold Winter Nights

And in the morning there's no trace of the sun
Just gray fog hanging above my head
All the birds are quiet hiding in the woods
Cant see no movement are they all dead?

From the new album of Stratovarius - "Destiny"
Happy weekend :)


  1. Hey.. kewl song man.. listened to it.. liked it :-)

  2. gr8888888888 pic... and nice song....

  3. naren, arathi - thanks, thank you :)
    the song's from the album "destiny" by stratovarius. the album seems to be a good buy. have to add it to my buying list ;P

  4. nice poem...
    nice picture....
    keep it up...
    all the best...

  5. avik - thanks a lot :)


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