Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Replay: Real forwards!

This is a part of the "Real forwards" series that was so rampant in our college days. Read on this marvellous "creation" :))


There is a project going on to write a poem for one of [X]'s RGFs (RGF = Remote Girl Friend as described in RFC 27342). These RGFs are all outside Bangalore. There is a lot to tell about [X]’s good luck. He seems to get all the RGFs he wants. Girls mysteriously call him and message him. He meets these girls “quite by accident” he says. Serendipity, he calls it. Bullshit I say. Anyway, here is the beta-1 release of the poem for RGF #1, who is sitting somewhere in Mumbai.

“The Fluttering candle”

Ooo my dear rosy
You make me all woozy
I am here, sitting in IP class
You are there, hope you don’t have SARS

What is life: Love and friendship?
Woe is me, with all my hardship
Our meeting, it cannot be incidental,
Nothing else rhymes, so I’ll say environmental

You came in my life like a tornado
And left my little soul like a tomato
My kidney, liver and heart, have formed a group
Swimming like a bread crumb, in tomato soup.

All of us look over our marvelous achievement in poetry. If poetry had a modern-art edition, it
would be along similar lines.


How was it?!


  1. Hehe.. its nice to read it over and over again.. good that u took care of the [X].. that way!!!

  2. Great minds at work! Sounds comical and nice to read, nice post!

  3. LOVED IT!!!!!
    lol its' very cute lol!
    (p.s. roaming the blog world lol)

  4. naren - you're glad right?? :))

    pratibha - yep. creative minds! guess i must post a few other great "real forwards" episodes :)

    morning rose - thank you, thank you. first time on my blog - welcome :)

  5. LOL!! Was funny! RGF!! Hehehe!

  6. Hilarious!!!

    Life is getting to be a soup as opposed to being a coup... all topsy turvy.

    Great goin...


    Gerrard's off to a rocketing start !!

  7. LOL :-)).......that was a very "wonderful" "Poetry".......
    RGF...What else is specified in RFC 27342 ? Hope u come up with more Real-Forwards

  8. keshav - yep, and to relate RGF to an RFC!! :))

    sanjiv - thanks dude. what's the bit abt gerrard??

    heap - thanks again! :) will try n post some more of the "real forwards"

  9. Dude... Gerrard scored all 3 goals in their first match for the next(actually current) season of UEFA champions league..

  10. sanjiv - wow - missed it. not at all following sports news these days! thanks for the update :)

  11. Nice poem, John.. Did you make it up??

    I guess we need to continue the "Real Forwards" thread.. It's been a long time now since the last one.

  12. VV - dude, this was one of the real forwards! forgot already?? as for the resumption of the real forwards, i was thinking abt a "PK FAQ" - what say??


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